What should I do if my husband goes out to play for seven months?

There is a letter from a fan, coordinating the Pearl River Delta.What should I do if my husband goes out to YP for seven months of pregnancy? When she was three months pregnant, she found that her husband liked a bunch of wipe -wiping girls to wipe the edge video. Five months of pregnancy, she found that her husband watched the video in the study room in the middle of the night and solved it by herself.The next day I said him, he was furious to me, noisy, saying that I did not do it seriously, and monitored her all day. She was free at home.The next day I came to confirm my mistakes and said that I would not commit it again in the future.But now I am seven months pregnant, I found that my husband lied to work overtime, actually went out to YP, and had a transfer record, and also found that she had to talk in the middle of the night.With the last experience, I could only endure the attack, but I was very aggrieved.In the second trimester, he also took the initiative to have a room with her husband, but he tried it twice and felt that it was very boring.Are pregnant women really so sad?

From pregnancy to giving birth to children, at least one year cannot be intercourse.Looking at my husband is basically messing outside. What else can we do in addition to opening one eye and closing one eye?Why is a man derailed as soon as a woman gets pregnant?First, in the eyes of men’s eyes, women who are pregnant can no longer run away, which is safe enough.The second is uh, most of the women, when they are pregnant, they are facing the sky, do not make up, do not dress up, and they are very fat. In the eyes of men, they have lost their charm.Third, men’s normal physiological desires need to be vented.Fourth, there are many men. She fakes her wife’s pregnancy. She is going to do this kind of stigma that she has never dared to try before.It will become more addicted and unpredictable.For example, your husband, he is a very typical example. Most men are derailed, just like him, like to wipe the edge video, and then solve it by the video of the wipe, and then talk about it.Talk, and then finally find someone to fight in actual combat.

Now for you, you find that your husband has such behavior for seven months of pregnancy. Broken your child to hurt your body and do not kill your child. If you plan to divorce, then there is no way for the child to be born.What do you think, not a very smart choice.What a really smart woman is of course to prevent it before this incident.

For example, the first point is that when you are pregnant, you must pay attention to your makeup and maintain the charm in the minds of men.The second point, your husband’s normal physiological desire, you have to understand, and, if your physical condition is not allowed, then you need to use other methods to help him solve it.The third point is from the psychological level. To stimulate this desire to protect your husband and the future children, and then let him do this, just arrange a lot of tasks for him, squeeze him to dry himThe time, exhausting his energy, let him go outside to do something else.

Of course, these things, now for you, think about it too late, because after all, it has happened, but I still want to send you a word, the dead sheep make up for it, it is not too late.

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