What should I do if my husband has physiological needs during pregnancy?For each other, we must understand clearly

For the newlywed Yaer, for the young couple who was married shortly, the sweetness of feelings continued to increase, and it was very close to get along.

However, if you are pregnant at this time, it is a great test for the two couples.

There are many taboos of pregnancy, especially in the physiological needs. If the husband needs needs, what should women do during pregnancy?

This problem believes that many pregnant women are plagued.

Soon after Xiao Jing was married, her relationship with her husband was very sweet, but the two people who had not enough two -person world were broken by an unexpected surprise.

Xiao Jing checked her pregnancy. Although something came suddenly, after all, it was a little angel given by God, and Xiao Jing was also very happy.

Since Xiao Jing has been pregnant, the family has also taken care of her very thoughtfully, especially her husband. She went home to accompany Xiao Jing after get off work. Although she was hard during pregnancy, Xiao Jing was hard and happy. Angels quickly arrived.

Everything is so peaceful, but there is a problem that it is difficult to stump Xiao Jing. After all, the couple’s two talents have been married shortly, and their feelings are so good. How can they have intimate contact with their limbs.

However, the doctor told the two people that they must not have such contact in the early and late stages of pregnancy. They need to survive this process together and witness the birth of a small life together.

So what should I do if the husband and wife, especially the newlywed couple, if the husband has a need?

1: In the early stages of pregnancy, you still have to restrain

In the early three months of pregnancy, especially the first three months, it is very important for the baby.

This is the embryo bed time. Only when the baby finds a suitable position, it can develop better when it is stable.

At this time, I do not want to be disturbed by other things. For this reason, if the prospective dad has the needs, then it must be restrained for the health of the baby.

2: Selective activity in the middle of pregnancy

In the middle of pregnancy, the child is basically a stable development stage. If the baby’s examination is normal, the husband and wife can properly perform.

This is also conducive to the relationship between husband and wife, and can also make the mood of women during pregnancy and more beneficial to the development of the fetus. However, you must pay attention to the amplitude of the movement. Do not hurt the mothers and fetuses during pregnancy.

3: Try to restrain as much as possible in the third trimester to avoid causing the baby to be hypoxic

During the third trimester, the stomach of pregnant women was already very large, and action was not particularly convenient.At this time, it is actually not suitable for physiological activities. If it is slightly uncomfortable and the movements are too intense, it is easy to cause the fetus in the belly to have hypoxia and a great risk.

During pregnancy, for children, they must restrain each other in terms of physiological needs. Even in the middle of pregnancy, pay a lot of attention. For example, health work should be done well, do not infect bacteria, the movements should be light, not too intense, and once a pregnant woman, once a pregnant womanIf you have discomfort, stop immediately and seek medical treatment in time for your child’s health.

It is not easy to give birth to a small life. Women need to undergo various hard reactions and discomfort during pregnancy, and their bodies and psychology must bear more difficulty.

At this time, the husband is required to spend this period with his wife. For physiological needs, it is also determined according to the time of pregnancy. For the safety of the child, I hope that every family can get a cute and healthy little angel in happiness in happiness.Intersection

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