What should I do if my husband is going to divorce?

Is your marriage betrayal betrayal? If your husband and company female colleagues are ambiguous, what should you do?People, after entering middle age, only learned that business marriage is really a science, and marriage is also at stake. Since 2021, I have experienced a lot of things.

This year, I had a quarrel with my husband many times. Now I think it is unclear when I think of it. What makes me unable to understand is that my husband hooks me up with my company’s finances and talked about some ambiguous topics all day.In the case, we also lent more than 10,000 yuan to this finance.

One day after he was drunk, he watched his mobile phone, and I found their chat history. He also said that they were normal chats and said that I did a lot of questions.If you say this, will there be fakes? Purely argued.

Now I say that our marriage can no longer go on, and I am going to divorce. Now my child is 3 months old in my stomach.Warm.

To be honest, I couldn’t feel the warmth of this family. He came back from get off work and said nothing about it. He lay down on the bed and let it be tired for one minute.

Now during pregnancy, regardless of my emotions, quarreled with me, regardless of my feelings, I asked me to be a good wife and mother at any time, warm and considerate to him, and he could ignore the whole family.Its name is that the busy company can’t take care of it.”Marriage and Family”

After 3 years of marriage, he couldn’t have any festivals. When he mentioned him, he said that I worshiped money. Reality. In the end, I was cold, not that I couldn’t afford it, and I would not ask.

After quarreling with me yesterday, I also sent a message to me in the afternoon, saying that he didn’t eat a day, and let me make some meals for him. To be honest, I really don’t want to do it.If you need me, it is not the same as something. I can’t do it, so I did not see the information he sent, so he couldn’t feel love in this family.

This morning, I said that the idea of divorce. Indeed, when he said that I was surprised at all, I would not cry before, because I tried to communicate well, and it would never be a channel with him.He felt right for him.

This marriage is indeed unable to stick to it anymore. The only thing I feel owed now is the child, but there is no way. Do you have experienced this when you have betrayed you?I’m tired.”I want to go to the headline”

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