What should I do if my master is pregnant?Pet pregnancy care classrooms have started

Generally speaking, September to November is the breeding period of dogs and cats. About 3 weeks after the mating of female cats, a week after mating, they can basically observe whether they are pregnant.So for novice shovel officers, in the face of these without experience, how can I do it smoothly?Don’t worry!Pet pregnancy care classrooms will teach you, today Bai Nifei will take a look at these pet care of these pet pregnancy.

Pet care during pregnancy

The dog’s pregnancy period is 55-65 days, and the cat’s pregnancy is 64-66 days.During pregnancy, some changes in their behavior.

The most obvious is the surge of appetite and lethargic;

The personality changes, pets that are not stimulated during pregnancy, will be more docile and more relative;

Extract your vigilance and be cautious;

Individual pets will vomiting and loss of appetite, and the response of dogs will be more obvious;

During the middle of pregnancy, the breasts of dogs and cats will change. For example, the hair around the nipples will fade, which will help cubs to eat milk.

However, the level of hormone in the body is in an unbalanced state, and some pets will have pseudo -pregnancy.Therefore, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound after 30 days of mating.

Pet care during pregnancy

In order to meet the nutritional needs of pet pregnancy and lactation, food will be replaced with high -quality and high digestive foods at the latest 2 weeks before breeding.Changing the main food as soon as possible before breeding can allow pets to fully adapt to new food after pregnancy.

The main protein source of dogs during pregnancy is best to be animal protein. The content of animal protein feeding daily is not less than 28%; and the animal protein content of female cats is also higher than usual.The fat content of female cats during pregnancy is 20%suitable.

The main food that is easy to digest, high energy, and nutritious during breastfeeding.At the peak of the lactation, nutritional needs are usually 2 to 3 times, and the feeding method of eating less meals can be used during the lactation period.After the 4th week of breastfeeding, the amount of feeding is slowly reduced.

Pet care during pregnancy

Of course, it is necessary to exercise appropriately during pregnancy.After pregnancy, dogs and cats will become bloated, like people, and move slowly. Appropriate exercise every day can effectively prevent difficulty in giving birth. It can also avoid excessive fat during pregnancy and cause a series of diseases.

1. Warm and comfortable and safe real estate nest

Prepare for one week before the production, so that the mother’s body is to be familiar with it in advance.The mother cat’s nest is best placed in a darker place.It is best to block the sofa gaps in the home. After the mother cat is produced, it is easy to lack a sense of security, and there will be a situation where the kittens are hidden.

2. Scissors, disinfection water, cotton thread

Generally, the mother will bite the umbilical cord by themselves. If it is not bitten, the owner will use a cotton wire to hold it at 1-2 cm of the umbilical cord as soon as possible, and then cut it with disinfected scissors.

3. disposable gloves and disinfection supplies

In the production process, in order to prevent the cubs from being contaminated with human smell, the mother’s body does not matter, and the owner needs to wear disposable gloves.The use of utensils used should be disinfected in time.

Pet care during pregnancy

Most dogs and cats can be produced independently by themselves, but they still need to accompany the shit officer to observe. If abnormalities occur during the production process, they must find pet doctors for treatment as soon as possible.

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