What should I do if my pet vomiting is sparse?

The pet dad and pet mother of our family will always worry about what to do if the hair children vomit and pull dilute. This is their most common gastrointestinal disease. So what should we do if these symptoms occur?Today I will share with you why these symptoms, what are the causes, and how should we deal with it.

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1. Improper feeding

Most gastroenteritis is caused by improper feeding. How to say, the notification means that you accidentally feed the wrong food or usually eat everything in itself.All causes the pets to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

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2. Hunger

There are often pets in the clinic to ask me. Pets have spit yellow water several times in the morning, but they just do n’t eat. They are particularly anxious. In fact, this is completely because I am usually used to pets.

This is just because of picky eaters, I haven’t eaten for a long time, and I am hungry by myself, which causes jaundice to vomit jaundice. Then someone will ask how to solve it, there is only one method, that is to correct the habit of eating

The pet owner must also think about it, and must be cruel. Once you are soft, you will give up before. In the process of correction, you will only give formula food. Other foods cannot be fed. You can eat it if you are hungry.Pets are relatively easy to use. Adult pets may need to be corrected from 7-10 days. Therefore, it is reasonable to develop a small number of meals to eat formula food.It’s more difficult to change it later

3. Check food

The foreign body mentioned here refers to the food that can be imported, and the pet was eaten by mistake. It may be toys, socks, silk scarves, even stones, corn cores, etc.Pets that eat foreign bodies will cause severe vomiting, which may need to be cured with the help of instruments (endoscopes) or surgery.

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4. Gastitis

Gastitis caused by bacterial infections can also cause similar symptoms. The pet owner usually pays more attention to diet hygiene

5. Virus infection

The virus infection here is usually the viral gastroenteritis of the dog and cat, such as small, crown, and so on. These viral diseases can only be injected with vaccines to prevent them.

6. Parasitic infection in the body

Some people may say that I rarely take pets or even take out the door. Do I need insect repellent? The answer is: need, parasites exist in the environment of our lives, and insect eggs rarely kill them.Animals can be infected everywhere, licking and licking, and deworming is needed regularly.

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In summary, gastroenteritis is only a symptom of disease. Many causes cause gastrointestinal discomfort in pets. Once frequent vomiting, dilutes, fasting, and going to a nearby pet hospital as soon as possible.Gastroenteritis is generally restored in 2-3 days. Viral infections and foreign body obstructive gastroenteritis are relatively troublesome. The course of disease is slightly longer and there are certain risks.

Usually, everyone develops good eating habits for pets, a small amount of meals, regularly and quantitative feeding formula grains, and do a good job of vaccine immunity. Adult pet interval for 3-6 months to repel deworming. This can avoid the occurrence of such diseases.I wish all the hairy children have a healthy physique and accompany us more!

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