What should I do if my pregnant woman is "Yang"?Under what circumstances should I go to the hospital?

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According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2021, my country ’s birth population was 10.62 million.This year, at least tens of millions of households are immersed in the joy of ushered in or will soon usher in a new life.But the latest epidemic situation will inevitably cause pregnant mothers to be anxious and worried."Will I affect the baby in the future?" "What kind of medicine should be used?" "Under what circumstances should I go to the hospital?" "Is the medical channel unblocked?" … There are many discussions on such discussions on social media.

In Shanghai, every 5 newborn children were born in Shanghai’s First Maternal and Infant Health Hospital (hereinafter referred to as a woman and baby). On average, more than 25,000 pregnant women built their cards and give birth to a maternal and infant."Shanghai Great Cradle".Dajiangdong Studio interviewed a number of experts and infants, trying to answer questions for pregnant mothers and family members.

Is the pregnant woman "Yang", does it affect the baby?

Wang Yu, dean and chief physician of a woman, said that the new crown virus is popular to this day, and the mothers who have rarely occur in virus infection have spread the vertical spread of newborn babies."So, don’t worry that the mother passed to the newborn after the blood was passed by the new coronary virus. The newborn is very safe."

Many breastfeeding women are worried about whether there is a virus in the milk after the new crown is infected?Ying Hao, deputy dean and chief physician of a woman and infant, said that so far, there is no report from the "new crown" virus in the milk. A large number of studies have also showed that breastfeeding has not increased the risk of newborn virus infection.The international authoritative medical magazine "Liuye Knife-Children and Youth Health" pointed out that the new crown nucleic acid-positive mothers wear masks while breastfeeding. Before touching the baby to make hand cleaning, it can prevent the virus from transmitting the virus to the breast.The World Health Organization (WHO) also suggested that the new crown nucleus -positive mother washed her hands and wearing a surgical mask to feed breast milk.If you cannot feed himself due to other reasons such as the disease, you must also do well in hand hygiene and skin cleaning.

"Pregnant women are still relatively vulnerable people. They have insufficient resistance during pregnancy. They do not advocate places where the crowd gather. If you really want to go, the protective mask must be worn, and the mask should be replaced every 4 hours. Pay attention to wash your hands frequently." Wang Wang. "WangYu said.

Pregnant mothers and babies are infected. Under what circumstances should I go to the hospital

"After pregnant women are infected with the new crown, they must focus on her various symptoms." Yinghao said that if the symptoms are not obvious, such as only sore throat, nasal congestion, etc., use gestures to deal with influenza, drink plenty of water to supplement vitamin C, more more, morePay attention to rest.If the body temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees, the acetaminol can be used as an analgesic drug."But after two or three days after the medication, the temperature is still very high, you need to seek medical treatment in time."

At a press conference held on December 13th, the State Council ’s joint control mechanism introduced that pregnant women should pay attention to three monitoring — body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, home thermometer, heart rate blood pressure monitor.It can be found earlier when abnormalities.

Maternal mothers in the third trimester should also pay attention to fetal movement monitoring. Daily monitoring per day in the third trimester, more than three fetal movements per hour.If the fetal movement disappears, or chest pain, chest tightness, abdominal pain, etc., you should contact the delivery institution in time to consult in time.

In addition, Wang Yu suggested that a pregnant woman can prepare a blood oxygen finger pressure meter. After the new crown is infected, the blood oxygen concentration can be monitored at any time. When the concentration is less than 90, seek medical treatment in time.

Li Jing, deputy director and chief physician of a women and infant newborn department, suggested that when the baby has obvious symptoms such as fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, and even shortness of breathing, there are other manifestations such as loss of appetite, decreased milk, vomiting, diarrhea and other manifestations.It is recommended to go to the Children’s Specialist Hospital for diagnosis and do not take medicine at home.If fever occurs, physical cooling is preferred, including scattered quilts, warm water towels, wet foreheads, underarms and groin, take a warm bath, and use antipyretics under the guidance of a doctor.Newborns are mostly mild, but if they have high fever (39 degrees), poor spirit, pale face, cold hands and feet, rejection of milk, and difficulty in breathing, they must go to the emergency department of children’s specialist hospital.

In Shanghai, whether the channel for medical treatment for maternal and newborn is unblocked

Pregnant women need to be checked on a regular basis, and most of the production examination items take a long time in the hospital, so many pregnant women are worried about the new crowns during the delivery examination.There is also concerns about pregnant women in the third trimester. When the railies hit the peak of the epidemic and are tight medical resources, they can produce smoothly.

At the press conference on the prevention and control of the Shanghai New Crown Epidemium on December 8th, Wu Jinglei, deputy director of the Office of the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Leading Group, said that Shanghai has required districts to strengthen the healthy and classified management of key groups.Among them, maternal and infants and young children are focusing on the crowd and require the improvement of health management, closed -loop transfer and medical security solutions in emergency situations.

At present, a woman and infant clinic need to hold a 48 -hour nucleic acid negative report.If there is no nucleic acid report, antigen can also be used in the specified area of the hospital, and you can also see the doctor normally after negative.

If a pregnant woman is infected with a new crown or is too late to make nucleic acid, a woman and baby have also done part -time management."We have a specific area for a positive pregnant woman. Whether it is looking at clinics, emergency treatment, inspections, production, wards, newborns, etc., they have set up independent space, and they can be adjusted as the situation changes." Wang Yu said that Wang Yu saidEssence

This partition diagnosis and treatment plan was formed during the large -scale sealing of Shanghai in April and May this year, and it has actually operated.In the face of a new round of tough battles, from December 10, the hospital restarted this emergency plan to resume the arrangement from various aspects such as logo, personnel arrangements, medical treatment processes, and improvement of equipment and facilities.

"We also set up a negative pressure ward. Some pregnant women with a very high load of viruses can be used for surgery in the negative pressure ward." Wang Yu said.

The capacity of the intensive care unit of a woman and baby has also expanded rapidly. From 7 beds to 18 beds, it also distinguishes infected areas and unintentional areas.

During the April and May this year, a woman and baby opened a 24 -hour hotline for maternity.From March to the present, the 22,000 -pass consultation phone has been received.In response to the upcoming consultation peak, a woman and infant have trained a full -time personnel who answered the phone call, which can give professional answers in a targeted manner.At the same time, a woman and baby have requested the doctors of the main diagnosis groups of the obstetrics department to sort out the pregnant women’s information, especially above the 37th gestational week.High -risk pregnant women), take the initiative to connect, pay attention to the latest trends.

Not only in a woman and baby, at present, medical institutions at all levels in Shanghai have started the pre -examination and section of the examination, which is reconstructed in the process of space, personnel, and material guarantee, and fully cope with new challenges.

(The pictures and videos of this article are taken by Gao Yan)

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