What should I do if pregnant women have eczema?Doctor’s suggestion: It is more appropriate to do this

For newborns, the most afraid of mothers is the baby’s eczema. The baby was originally a group that is prone to eczema. In addition, it is always repeated, which makes many mothers very troublesome.In addition, eczema of pregnant women also troubles many people.Today, online editor of family doctors interviewed Huang Shujiang, deputy chief physician of the dermatology department of the People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, to talk about those things about eczema of special groups.

Deputy Chief Physician Huang Shujiang explained, "The reason why babies are prone to eczema are mainly because the baby’s skin immune system and skin barrier function have not been completely established. The external stimulus of the outside world may not have any problems, but the baby is easy to be easyStimulated to cause superfluous reactions. "

"When a baby has eczema, you must pay special attention to the induced factors. Time and seizures must be understood. You should also pay attention to whether there is any problem with the food or milk powder that the baby eats, or the pollen, dust, dust mites, fungi, and fungi that are sucking with the baby.Wait whether it is related; or whether there is an environmental influencing factors, such as temperature, humidity, sweating, etc., including clothing and toys that the baby comes into contact with. "Deputy Chief Physician Huang Shujiang admitsIn order to confirm that the baby’s eczema seizures can be used for the right medicine, which is conducive to treatment.

How to prevent infant eczema?Breastfeeding may be a good way. Deputy Chief Physician Huang Shujiang said, "Breastfeeding is good for preventing eczema in the baby, because there is autoimmune antibody in breast milk.For breastfeeding, the possibility of baby’s eczema will be lower. "

Regarding eczema, Deputy Chief Physician Huang Shujiang also supplemented the question of "how to use the most proper medicine for pregnant women’s eczema".He said that the long eczema of pregnant women depends on which type she belongs to. If the symptoms are mild, you can apply some placebo to moisturize the skin, or you can apply some medicines that have no side effects to see if it works;Or oral vitamins, calcium zinc oral solution, etc. These are oral drugs throughout pregnancy, which is also good for eczema.

However, it should be noted that to avoid inducing factors. Because pregnant women need to adapt to the fetus, there may be some changes in endocrine, which also makes pregnant women more vulnerable to the outside world. Therefore, diet, home, and environment must pay special attention.

Kind tips

Finally, Deputy Chief Physician Huang Shujiang also reminded that "although eczema is not infectious, it will spread itself. For example, the patient’s part has an ulcer, chronic lesions, or the exudation of rash, which will spread to other parts, or cause autologous allergies. So, once you find it, you still need to treat it in time. "

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