What should I do if the cow is a bit slightly dropped?Can the cows fall the ball normally?After reading it, you will know

Cattle balls are often happening in the farm. The accurate description of the cow’s ball loss is the vagina out of the vagina.From the normal position, slipped down in the vulva, it looked like a ball hanging a ball, so it was called the ball.So how do we solve the cow’s ball?What is the impact of the cow’s ball?Let’s answer questions for everyone.

1. Method of the cow’s ball ball

① light degree

Sometimes the ball drops slightly. Experienced farmers can let the cows reset themselves. After that, the farmers can do a good job of breeding management and add ingredients to cow.Enhance resistance, give Niu Jian’s stomach anti -roll, improve the digestion and absorption function of the gastrointestinal tract, while reducing the amount of feeding, reducing the capacity of the stomach, and reducing the pressure in the abdomen.

② Repair

The degree of gently drops the ball, the farmers remedy in time, and the cow is good in time, the vagina can go back.However, if there are many parts of the vagina and the situation is more serious, the farmers will quickly recover artificially.We must first use 0.1%potassium permanganate water to clean and disinfect the extra vaginal vagina, and clean up the dirty things on it, let the beef stand back and high, and push the out of the birth canal back to reset. Pay attention to people who are people.The hand must be disinfected. After reset, suture is sutured to prevent it from getting out. Finally, you must remember to dispel inflammation for cows.

2. The cow’s ball drops the ball affects the raw calf

The cows usually occur for more than 6 months of pregnancy. At this time, because of various reasons, the cows are too much in the uterus or the metabolism of the fetal water is not timely.The fetal water penetrated into the birth canal, and the vagina dropped off.

The vagina of the cow is the birthplace of its production, so the cows will definitely affect the birth of the calf, and the cow’s ball drops is not good for the cow’s own body. ThereforeThe ball’s condition must be handled as soon as possible.

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