What should I do if the gum swelling and pain of pregnant women are better

If a woman is pregnant, due to a certain change in the structure of the body, the level of female hormones has increased. If some pregnant women have chronic inflammation of the gums, the inflammation will increase.It is also extremely uncomfortable and affects the normal living habits of expectant mothers. However, such a symptom, expectant mothers generally fade or reduce themselves after giving birth.

The incidence of gum swelling and pain in pregnant women can be said to have different reports, because some pregnant women’s gum swelling and pain, some people are gingivitis, and some people may be gingival tumors.The incidence of gingivitis in pregnant women is very high in pregnancy, and the incidence is generally between 30 and 100 %.However, it is necessary to diagnose the symptoms of pregnant women’s gingival swelling and pain to treat them with symptomatic treatment.

If the gum swelling and pain of pregnant women show gingivitis, then it usually occurs in individual gums, and some may also occur in the whole mouth gums. Generally, the teeth in front will be heavier.Inflammatory swelling, as well as the formation of gingival bags, the color will show dark red, some will be bright red, and the symptoms of bleeding may occur gently when you touch it gently, and sometimes bleeding when eating.Such a symptom, although it can be easily bleeding, but generally there is no pain. If there is severe ulcer, it may mild pain.If the pain is more serious, then we must go to a regular hospital for corresponding treatment.

If the gum swelling and pain of pregnant women belong to the gingival tumor during pregnancy, then it should be noted. This is also called pregnant tumor, which usually occurs in a single gum nipple. Especially some teeth are abnormal, especially easy to occur, such as teeth arrangement, such as teeth arrangementIncantomy gum nipples.This situation usually occurs when three months of pregnancy, which can easily lead to bleeding. Some of them are red, and some are dark purple.If the gingival tumor is severe, it grows to more than two cm, then it is even more prone to bleeding, and some even eat it. If you bite it, you may be infected with bacteria.EssenceSome pregnancy tumors will be reduced by themselves after childbirth, but if they want to completely disappear, they must also remove local stimulus factors. Some patients may need surgical resection.

If the gum swelling and pain of pregnant women are severe, it can be removed by removing local stimuli, but you must pay special attention when operating.First, we must ensure the disinfection of the equipment to avoid being infected with bacteria; second, reduce bleeding and pain.Because pregnant women should pay special attention during pregnancy, so as not to affect the development of the fetus. Generally, it is recommended to treat the pregnancy. It is best to have a taboo in the early and in the early stages of pregnancy and late pregnancy.

After removing local stimulus factors, pregnant mothers must pay special attention to the hygiene of the mouth, and to cooperate with the doctor’s instructions to strictly control the plaque.

In order to grow and develop better babies, in order to be more comfortable and smooth throughout the pregnancy of expectant mothers, in order to reduce gum swelling and pain after pregnancy, expectant mothers must drink more often than usual after pregnancy, and perform appropriately.Outdoor sports should also pay attention to the lightness in the diet, maintain a balanced nutrition, do not eat spicy food, eat less fatty food, eat more coarse grains, and fresh vegetables and fruits.

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