What should I do if the secretion is smelly during pregnancy? I really hurt my brain

During pregnancy, the private parts of pregnant mothers will secrete more secretions than usual, and the moisture and viscosity of the secretions will also be relatively viscous. So why are there such changes during pregnancy?The reason is that the progesterone in the pregnant mother is making strange.

During pregnancy, some changes in expectant mothers will have some changes. There may be some troubles in addition to joy, such as increasing secretions during pregnancy. This is indeed a big deal during pregnancy.How to solve troubles?Let’s first understand the reasons for the increase in pregnancy secretions!

Increased secretions during pregnancy

The changes in secretions during pregnancy are mainly due to the hyperplasia of the vaginal and cervical glands. In addition, the mucosa of the vaginal wall can also produce secretions.Therefore, after pregnancy, the vagina secretions will increase appropriately, but the difference between early and in the early stages of pregnancy and unhappy pregnancy is not much different.

During pregnancy, in addition to observing the amount of secretions, the color and taste of the secretion must be carefully distinguished. When the amount of the secretion is abnormal and there are abnormal colors and odorsIn good health!

During pregnancy, there is a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy, but most of the secretions of pregnancy really make the pregnant mummy embarrassed. If there are more secretions, itching and discomfort will occur. So, is the secretion of pregnancy normal?

Most of the pregnancy secretion is normal. After pregnancy, due to the effect of estrogen and the vulva, vagina, cervix and other parts of the pregnant woman, the blood flow of the vulva, vagina, and cervix are accelerated.The amount of leucorrhea secretion is more.This is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, and generally does not require special treatment.

However, there are many pregnancy secretions, which often causes the vulva to be humid and has a certain stimulation of local skin.Therefore, pregnant mothers should usually pay attention to personal hygiene, change the underwear every day, keep the underwear dry, and wash the vulva with warm water every day, so that they will not infect some gynecological inflammation during pregnancy!

Many women have been plagued by vaginal secretions for a long time. After pregnancy, the problem seems to be more serious. Many expectant mothers report that the secretions will have odor during pregnancy. I do n’t know what to do. So what should I do if the pregnancy secretion has odors?

The color, texture, and taste of the secretions during pregnancy often reveal the health information. If the vaginal secretion has a odor during pregnancy, and even the symptoms of pain or itching in the vagina, then the expectant mothers will sound.The alarm clock.It may be suffering from vaginitis.

What to do if the secretion is smelly during pregnancy

Vaginitis is roughly divided into two types: one is that pregnancy causes physical disorders and can get vaginitis. After the postpartum body’s immune rises, it will heal itself.The other is to really get vaginitis, so after giving birth to a child, it will be treated.

It is necessary to remind you of expectant mothers that the pregnancy test is essential. If you have some vaginal inflammation, you should mention it early to mention it with the doctor. Do n’t feel embarrassed.In order to avoid affecting the health of the baby.

After the expectant mothers are pregnant, they will use great changes in psychology and physiological. The increase in pregnancy secretions is the normal phenomenon during pregnancy. In this period, let’s take a look at the precautions of the increase in pregnancy secretions together.

First, wear cotton underwear.Cotton underwear is good and has good ventilation, which can avoid the vagina in a humid and dull state.

Second, the pads should be replaced in time.In addition, there are also many people who have rash or vaginal itching due to accidental selection of pads, so be sure to confirm whether the material of the pad is suitable for you to choose from.

Third, the direction of wiping the toilet is from behind.The problem of bacterial infection is often caused by incorrect wipes after the toilet.Wipe forward from the back, it is easy to cause bacteria in the anus to infect the vagina or urethra, which causes related infection problems. Instead of wipe from going back, it will help reduce the chance of bacterial infection.

Fourth, do not clean the vagina without the instructions of doctors.

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