What should I do if the skin is allergic and eczema in summer?Skin doctor to answer

Summer is the season of high incidence of skin diseases, and it is also a season that causes allergies.Common allergens such as pollen, dust mites, pet dandruff, etc. can cause allergic reactions, bringing discomfort to people’s lives."Flying Flu" spreading around the road and parks will also cause some symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, and itching of skin.

Wan Xueqin, a professor of forestry genetic breeding experts and a professor at the Forest Institute of Sichuan Agricultural University, said that Fei Fuxu is actually a seed of the willow females.Starting in April each year, the fruits of the willows have gradually matured and cracking, and those white fluffy fluffy flies with seeds are scattered with seeds.

So, how to protect common skin diseases and common allergies in summer?What do you need to pay attention to?

Sichuan Guan News C video "Medical Standard" Health Popularization column invited Xiang Liming, the attending physician of the Department of Dermatology, the Second People’s Hospital of Chengdu, and explained science popularization on the common skin problems and daily protection of people who are prone to allergies in recent times.

Flying Flocker

Dr. Xiang Liming introduced that in April and May of each year, there were a lot of poplars and catkins floating in the air.Flying flip has a lot of small fibers. After being inhaled into the nasal cavity, it can stimulate the nasal mucosa and cause allergic reactions, lead to the symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as sneezing, runny nose, cough, etc.In severe cases, asthma may be induced.There are also skin allergies, urticaria, allergic dermatitis and other skin diseases, which are all related to inhalation or contact with flying flip.

For people with allergic rhinitis, urticaria, asthma, as well as elderly people, children, and pregnant women, they should pay attention to protecting, reduce contact with flying flocs such as Yangye, and avoid going to fly with many places.

When you go out, you can wear a mask and a hat to prevent flying flip from contacting our skin directly.After going home, you should shake off the flying floc on the coat and the surface of the skin to do a good job of family environmental hygiene.If there is an air purifier at home, the purifier can be turned on to keep the air fresh.

Mosquito bites allergy

Entering summer, some small bugs are beginning to be active. At this time, you should pay attention to preventing mosquito bites causing allergies and pimple urticaria.Various insect bites such as mosquito, flea, mites and other insects may cause pimple urticaria. Many mosquito bite the rash and rarely discovered by the naked eye. It may be seen in the new sheets, bedding, mats, or outdoor activities, or contacting pets after contacting pets, or contacting pets after outdoor activities, or contacting pets, or contact pets, or contact pets, or contact pets, or contact pets, or contact pets, or contact pets, or contact pets, or contact petsafter.

Pimplegly urticaria, the most common manifestations are shuttle pimples and erythema. Children’s swelling will be obvious. Some pimples can have traces of small blisters or mosquito bites at the top of the pimples, which are often accompanied by obvious itching.Wait for easy exposure.

To prevent pimple urticaria, we should pay attention to maintaining good personal hygiene habits.Avoid places with more mosquitoes next to the stream, grass, and forests when going out, and correctly use products such as mosquito repellent, mosquito, and mosquito repellent and mosquito prevention.

With pimple urticaria, try not to scratch it with your hands to avoid hot water washing to avoid secondary infections and cause skin diseases.Under the guidance of a doctor, you can use stove -glyphosate washing agents. The heavier ones can be treated with ointments containing glucocorticoids, antibiotics ointments, and cold compresses.

Sunlight allergy

Summer sunshine is sufficient and strong ultraviolet rays, and people with allergies to light need to pay special attention.After the sun, local skin can appear symptoms such as erythema, edema or blisters, and often occur on the sun, neck, arms, back of the hand.Acute sun exposure may cause skin sunburn or allergic symptoms. Maintable erythema may occur. Damaged skin may have swelling, itching, peeling, and accompanied by obvious burning sensation.For people with chronic sunlight allergies, long -term light exposure may occur in polymorphic sunrise, optical dermatitis, and often appear pimples, nodules, skin thickening, scratching, scratching, scratching, scratching, scratching, scratching, scratchingLater exudation, erosion, etc. are similar to eczema.

Summer is the peak period of sunburn and sunlight sensitivity diseases. Prevention must first pay attention to sun protection.Pay attention to protective when going out, such as umbrellas, wearing sunglasses, wearing masks, wearing wide -width hats, wearing long -sleeved clothes, and using sunscreen reasonably, pay attention to skin moisturizing.If sunlight allergic diseases occur, treatment should be treated under the guidance of a doctor.

Dr. Xiang Liming reminded that patients with light allergic skin diseases need to avoid having light -sensitive foods, such as celery, amaranth, amaranth, leek, mango, etc.Some photosensitive drugs also need to pay special attention, such as levloxacin, tetracycline, sulfa, etc.


Eczema is a more common skin allergic disease.In summer, symptoms often worsen.Skin damage shows poly shape, that is, erythema, pimples, and blisters, accompanied by obvious itching symptoms. After scratching, erosion and exudation can occur, often symmetrical distribution.Chronic eczema can also have dry skin, thickening, nodules, and desquamation.

First, avoid the contact of various suspicious allergenic factors as much as possible.

Secondly, in daily life, it is necessary to avoid hot water washing the affected area, avoid using alkaline washing products such as soap, and avoid irritating the affected area such as alcohol and white vinegar.Cycle to avoid skin infections.

Dr. Xiang Liming reminded that patients with chronic eczema should pay special attention to skin moisturizing, and reasonable use of moisturizers can improve the function of repairing the skin barrier.For patients with large skin lesions, obvious itching, and tendency of rash exudation, they should go to the hospital for treatment in time to treat anti -allergies, antipruritic and external drug treatment in time.

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