What should I do if the thyroid disease is found during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a thing that makes every expectant mother full of joy.However, during the outpatient clinic, patients with pregnancy often held the test sheet of thyroid function: "Doctor, I have many arrows in this list, where is something wrong?"

Thyroid disease is a "mysterious killer", especially during pregnancy, it can cause serious damage to the nerves and intelligence of the fetus.The onset of the disease is hidden, and the early symptoms are not obvious, so it is often easy to be ignored.

We have also said before that for some high -risk groups of thyroid diseases, if there is a personal history and family history of thyroid diseases, those with previous thyroid antibodies, thyroid surgical resection, those who have immune diseases or family history, etc.Screening is performed before pregnancy.

The symptoms of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism and early pregnancy reactions are very similar. Pregnant mothers are more difficult to identify from the symptoms. Therefore, it is recommended that you perform thyroid function screening in time after pregnancy.

If thyroid disease occurs during pregnancy, there are several cases of thyroid disease. If the thyroid function is detected mildly in the early pregnancy, it may generally be caused by the high concentration of choricular gonadotropin stimulating thyroid poor receptor.There is no inflammation and any discomfort. It is relieved from 14 weeks to 18 weeks of pregnancy. Generally, no drug treatment is required. Regular observation, it will naturally return to normal during the third trimester.

There is also a situation that is a decline in pregnancy and thyroid dysfunction, which is the hypothyroidism we call.Pregnancy hypothyroidism can lead to hypertension, anemia, muscle pain weakness, signsonia, congestive heart failure, etc.At the same time, it is also easy to cause fetal malformations and fetal distress. After birth, it is slower than the movement of normal infants. It is easy to cause brain development damage such as intellectual obstacles, and even small dysfunction.This situation should choose the corresponding treatment according to the specific cause and the specific situation of the patient.

Another situation is "hyperthyroidism with hyperthyroidism in pregnancy", that is, hyperthyroidism during pregnancy, which will increase the risk of severe diseases such as eclampsia and heart failure.Risk of results.The corresponding drug treatment is generally needed according to the specific situation.

Here are also reminding everyone that if women have thyroid diseases after pregnancy, they should pay attention to it. We must insist on regular examination, take drugs regularly, and control the condition in order to make the fetus healthy and smooth.At the same time, relax the mood during pregnancy and exercise appropriately, you can eat more coarse grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, which can promote the baby’s growth.

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