What should I do if there is a 135 pound of huge tumors in my belly?

On this day, Zhou Jianwei, the head of the Gynecology of the Second Hospital of Zhejiang University, came with a special patient Xiaoru.

Xiaoru’s abdomen was bulging, as if she was pregnant in October, but she said, "Director Zhou, I am not pregnant, I have something in my belly!"

Rao is a rich experience in the diagnosis of Zhou Jianwei and is also very shocked, because this "thing" is pressed on Xiaoru’s belly like a small mountain, which is huge, giving people a visual shock.

When improving her CT inspection, this "east -west" has even exceeded the scanning range of the CT machine, which is rare!

Abnormal abnormal abnormal bulge is just fat

It turned out that 33 -year -old Xiaoru had found that her menstrual flow increased, and her belly was much larger two years ago. She thought that she had only eaten too much during that time. She thought that lying more at home and resting more would improve.

Unexpectedly, this lying was getting bigger and bigger, and he could even touch the hard block inside on his stomach, but Xiao Ru was lucky and thought he was "fat" without paying attention.

Half a year ago, Xiao Ru began to have symptoms such as asthma, chest tightness, and bilateral edema, but she still endured it. She kept endured until June this year. Looking at her abnormal belly, she couldn’t stand it, so she went to the local hospital to go toCheck, find that you are not fat, but a lump in your stomach!

Xiaoru was dumbfounded, and the local doctor was dumbfounded.Because of the huge abdominal lumps, Xiaoru also merged with severe anemia and hypoproteinemia. If you care about it in the operation, you may occur or even die.

Xiao Ru, who had no way, found the chief physician of the Gynecology Department of the Second Hospital of Zhejiang University and asked Zhou Jianwei to help.

After entering the hospital, Xiao Ru conducted a comprehensive and carefully inspected, and the gynecological team also repeatedly discussed. Director Zhou found that her situation was very tricky.

Tumor weighing 135 catties of surgery is difficult and risky high risk

This huge tumor is considered as mucus cyinoma, from the left ovaries, causing great damage to Xiaoru’s body: because it is not treated in time, leading to bleeding in the tumor, causing severe anemia; due to tumor consumption, causing malnutrition; at the same timeSuch a huge tumor, which caused her organs to move and increase the diaphragm, which affects her cardiopulmonary function; because she is inconvenient to walk, she can only take the bed in bed before, and increase the risk of complications such as thrombosis …

In fact, patients with large tumors, extensive scope, more organs involved, and the difficulty of surgical difficulty and risk are the "most" that Zhou Jianwei encountered since the medical.

Therefore, before surgery, the Gynecological Oncology of the Second Hospital of Zhejiang University called the anesthesia surgery department, severe ICU, gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal surgery and other departments to hold MDT multidisciplinary discussions.convoy.

The operation soon started.The huge tumors in Xiaoru’s body and large omentum, posterior peritoneum, and rectal sigmal colon are widely adhered. Due to the huge tumor and severe abdominal vein severe pressure, in order to prevent the risk of cardiac arrest caused by the sudden reduction of the heart, the liquid in the tumor must be slowly released first.Then separate the adhesion of the tumor and the surrounding tissue and organs.

Due to the huge tumor, the anatomy of organs in normal positions, the master doctor needs to carefully confirm to prevent intestinal tube, bladder, ureter and vascular damage.There are four high -age anesthesia physicians guarding Xiaoru throughout the operation, closely monitoring ECG, to prevent problems such as low blood pressure, insufficient blood capacity, and cardiac arrest.

The surgery lasted about 4 hours, and the tumor was completely cut off. The pathology was displayed as a mucus cystic adenoma.The postoperative tumor scales weigh 135 pounds. It is currently the largest and heavier patient in the domestic and foreign sectors.

At present, Xiaoru has recovered rapidly under the careful care of the gynecological care team, and has been successfully recovered and discharged.

Because the tumor caused her hernia, the surgical MDT suggested that she should first follow the abdomen with pressure bandage and bandage, and must be followed up on a regular basis. After that, the recovery is determined whether to perform hernia repair.

What is ovarian mucus cystoma?

"Ovular mucus adenoma is a benign tumor, which accounts for 20-25%of all the benign tumors of the ovary, which is more common in women aged 30-50. Smooth cysts can grow very large.Maybe. But a huge tumor like this patient is mainly because she delayed treatment. "Zhou Jianwei introduced.

What are the clinical manifestations of ovarian tumors?

(1) Abdominal discomfort and bloating;

(2) Abdominal lumps;

(3) Compression of nerves can cause abdominal pain, low back pain, or lower limb pain;

(4) Large tumors occupy a pelvic cavity can cause compression symptoms, such as frequent urination, difficulty in urination, constipation, breath, palpitations, etc.;

(5) Can cause menstrual disorders or abnormal uterine bleeding, or uterine bleeding after menopause.

(6) The manifestation of the metastases: If the lung metastlashes causes hemoptysis, breathing difficulties; intestinal metastases cause changes in stool, blood in the stool, and intestinal obstruction.

What examinations can I find ovarian tumors?

(1) Type B ultrasound check;

(2) Laboratory examination: blood routine, blood tumor indicators;

(3) MRI inspection, CT examination


Ovarian tumors can be removed by laparoscopic minimally invasive surgical resection; if ovarian tumors are greater than 10 cm, or suspicious evil changes, blood flow signals are abundant, they can only be removed by open abdominal surgery, and trauma will be relatively large.

Therefore, gynecologists remind everyone that they must go to the hospital in time if they are unwell, and women’s gynecological ultrasound examinations can be once half a year.

The content of this article comes from the Second Hospital of Zhejiang University. If you need to reprint, please contact and indicate the source. Thank you!

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