What should I do if you accidentally take the wrong these three medicines?Will you die?

Patients need to read the drug instructions carefully before taking the medicine, otherwise it is easy to take drugs by mistake. In addition, the memory recession of the elderly, and the children do not understand the instructions, etc. are also common reasons for taking drugs.There are many types of drugs. What are the treatment measures after various drugs are taken by mistake?

Take an external medicine by mistake

Once external drugs such as mosquito repellent, antipruritic potion, and anechetic potion should be used to immediately vomit.Patients can first drink saline and use their fingers to buckle their throat to cause vomiting, and then drink a lot of tea and soapy water to vomit and vomit.If the child is taken by mistake, if you can’t vomit by yourself, the child’s abdomen can be pushed on the knee of the ambulator to lower the head.At this time, put your fingers into the child’s throat, glych the roots of the tongue, and repeatedly proceed until vomiting.It should also be noted that the child should not let the child vomit in supine, and lie on the side to prevent vomits from blocking the throat.

The vomiting must be carried out early. If the misunderstanding time is more than 3 to 4 hours, the poison has been absorbed by the intestine, and the vomiting will lose its meaning.

Mistake admission to contraceptives

Contraceptive pills are mainly hormone drugs. Some contraceptives such as Zuo Nuo Peridone tablets are the main ingredients of Zuo Nuo Permone as a strong progesterone with fully synthetic synthesis. After miscalculus, women may lead to menstrual delay in the next menstrual delay.If you mistakenly take a contraceptive pill that is commonly used for premature pregnancy, menstrual stop pregnancy, and absence of maternal ketone induced in the fetus, it is not advisable to get pregnant within half a year.Men take contraceptives by mistake and should go to the hospital for treatment.

Whenever you take sleeping pills

If the dose is not large, most of them are manifested as weakness or drowsiness.If you take suicide or take a large dose by mistake, most of them will lead to poisoning, manifested as sleepy, coma, and even breathing and heartbeat.At this time, check whether the medication has still had breathing and heartbeat, and it should be rescued immediately if not.If there should be a vomiting of the drug -taking, or help him pick up the medicines that may be residial in the export cavity, he will be sent to the hospital immediately.

The above is what are the treatment measures after the drug is taken by mistake?Introduction, it is recommended that all the medicines and health products in the family should be labeled, retain the drug packaging box and medicine bottle instructions; the drugs should be classified and stored to avoid confusion; pay attention to checking the name of the medicine, dose and instructions before the medication.In addition, when taking the drug to go to the hospital, you should bring the bottle or instructions of the drug, which is convenient for doctors to quickly diagnose and take corresponding measures.

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