What should I do when I find that I have ovarian cysts at the same time after pregnancy?

"It’s 19 weeks pregnant, and there is a 6 cm cyst on the left ovary. Do you want to perform surgery? The doctor who is in the pregnancy test does not need to control it, twist or rupture.Yeah? "Ms. Song asked.

Maybe there are many expectant mothers who have the troubles like Ms. Song. We invited Dr. Peng Peng Peng Peng at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Beijing Union Hospital to talk about the related issues of ovarian cysts.

Does ovarian cysts affect pregnancy

Whether the ovarian cyst affects pregnancy depends on its nature.The malignant ovarian cysts actually belong to the ovarian malignant tumor and are not suitable for pregnancy.If it is a benign ovarian cyst, the volume of the cyst is the main factor affecting pregnancy.

Generally, it is more than 6-8 cm in diameter. Some doctors think that more than 10 cm of ovarian cysts are needed for surgery.The impact of large ovarian cysts on pregnancy includes: cysts are twisted, ruptured causes acute abdomen, increasing risk of abortion and premature birth; cysts occupy the space of pots and abdominal cavity, affecting the growth of the fetus;

Will pregnancy cause ovarian cysts?

Dr. Peng Peng said that unlike uterine fibroids, pregnancy may cause ovarian cysts.For example, lutein cysts are a kind of ovarian cyst after pregnancy.

Of course, most ovarian cysts are not caused by pregnancy.Pregnancy generally does not cause the existing cysts to increase rapidly.

The ovarian cyst found before pregnancy must be clear.Dr. Peng Peng said that if he suspects that a vicious cyst, he should surgery as soon as possible.If it is a benign cyst, if the diameter is more than 6-8 cm, the ultrasonic performance is incomplete cystic, the tumor logo is increased, and the observation period is gradually increased, then it is also recommended to surgery before pregnancy.

Does the cyst discovered during pregnancy need surgery?

The cysts that appear only during pregnancy, like Ms. Song at the beginning, may disappear after a period of observation, especially after 12-14 weeks of pregnancy. This cyst is called "physiological cyst" without any.Need to treat.

The cysts found before pregnancy, or the cysts that did not disappear after 14 weeks after pregnancy. If the diameter is less than 6 cm, it is completely pure, you can also observe and not rush for surgical treatment.

The cysts with one of the following manifestations require surgery during pregnancy: more than 6-8 cm in diameter, or even more than 10 cm; ultrasound manifestations are cysts, cysts, nipples, or separators;possible.Once the surgery is decided, it is better to choose the operation around 16-18 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the uterus is not too large to affect the operation of the operation, and the risk of abortion is relatively small.If the cysts have emergency and reversing acute, appear as obvious pain and malignant vomiting in the abdominal abdomen, then you should go to the doctor in time to consider emergency surgery.


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