What should I pay attention to in the early stages of pregnancy?

The early pregnancy is a very critical period. The development of the fetus has just begun. It is very fragile. It is easy to be affected by external factors and cause miscarriage or fetal malformation.There are also some important precautions and taboos, be sure to keep in mind, as follows;

(1) Beginning in the early stages of pregnancy, we must pay attention to the diet of pregnant women. There are many taboos, because there are many foods that affect the development of the fetus and even cause abortion. Moms are not careless. For knowledge in this area, please read carefully.article

(2) Be sure to pay attention to the comfort of the clothing. Do not tighten the belt. You should avoid excessive tightness when using the abdomen, so as not to affect the growth and activities of the fetus.

(3) Don’t take medicine casually, as the saying goes: "It is three points of poisoning for medicine." Therefore, pregnant mothers are best to do not take medicine, such as diseases such as colds.Ask your doctor’s opinions and suggestions carefully.

(4) In the early stages of pregnancy, you must not be in the same room, and it is easy to cause miscarriage. Pay special attention.

(5) Starting from the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention not to do too much physical work. Usually do attention to rest, maintain adequate sleep, and participate in some exercise properly at the same time to help pregnant women and fetuses health, but don’t be too muchFierce exercise.

(6) Pregnant mothers should pay attention not to get close to pets (such as cats, dogs, etc.) to avoid infection of Toxoplasma.

(7) Try not to go to the messy places, especially crowded public places, to avoid the infection of the virus, and even a cold in the early stages of pregnancy will seriously affect the development of the fetus.

(8) Pregnant women should pay attention to personal hygiene. Due to sweating during pregnancy, vaginal secretions increase, they should take a bath every day.

(9) Pay attention to appropriate work and activities.However, the intensity should not be large, avoid strenuous exercise, and prevent trauma.

(10) Beginning in the early stages of pregnancy means that a small life is growing. Pregnant mothers must maintain an optimistic and positive attitude. They must have a pleasant mood.If you are in a bad mood, you can listen to soothing music and read books to disperse your attention.

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