What should pregnant women have appendicitis?Is the whole natal safe to the fetus?

According to the discussion of epidemiology, pregnant women suffer from acute appendicitis account for about 0.1%of pregnant women, while accounting for 2%of all population appendicitis.Most of them occur in pregnant women between 25 and 35 years old; 30%occur in early pregnancy, 45%occur in the middle of pregnancy, and 25%occur in the late pregnancy.

During the pregnancy, the organs in the pelvic cavity will also be congested, which makes the natural disease of acute appendicitis progress faster, so the chance of perforation is relatively large.The enlarged uterus will hinder the inflammatory appendix wrapped in the inflammation.

In this way, once the appendix of a pregnant woman is perforated, inflammation is not easy to limit, and it is easy to complicate permeable peritonitis.Therefore, the prognosis of appendicitis in pregnant women is worse than the average person. The mortality rate of pregnant women itself is nearly 2 %, which is about ten times higher than ordinary ordinary people, and the fetal mortality rate is around 20 %.

The appendicitis of pregnant women, accompanied by the development of inflammation, can easily lead to miscarriage, premature birth or fetal death, which seriously threatens mother and child safety.When conservative treatment of appendicitis in pregnant women, if inflammation cannot be controlled, it will bring serious consequences. Even if the appendix inflammation can be controlled, there will be danger caused by the recurrence of appendicitis during the next pregnancy.

Based on the above understanding, pregnant women need early surgery regardless of appendicitis, regardless of their pregnancy.The view of early surgery for pregnant women with appendicitis has now been written into textbooks of "Surgery" and became the consensus of surgeons.

Surgical treatment may not necessarily cause premature birth!Intersection

At present, the consensus that has been reached is that whether the fetus can survive during pregnancy with acute appendicitis during pregnancy, but the consequences of delay diagnosis or delay surgical resection.

Early surgery, pregnant women recover well, of course, the fetus will be good.If the condition is delayed, the appendicitis has caused serious consequences of the pregnant woman, and the pregnant woman itself is dangerous. How can the fetus be good?

If a pregnant woman is not pregnant, laparoscopic appendix resection is of course more advantageous than traditional abdominal operation surgery. Therefore, in the conditional hospitals, of course, laparoscopic appendix should be adopted.

However, due to the traditional abdominal operation surgery, epidural anesthesia or lumbar anesthesia is used, and laparoscopic appendic surgery requires systemic anesthesia and carbon dioxide qi.Is hemp safe for the fetus?Is the carbon dioxide gas safe for the fetus?

Worried about hypertonate and abdominal pressure, it may have an uncertain effect on the fetus, such as abortion, premature or dead tires, etc., to a certain extent, the laparoscopic appendic resection of the abdominal mirrors during pregnancy is restricted to a certain extent.

A large number of clinical data has proved that the whole anesthesia is safe for the fetus.

The impact of carbon dioxide qi on the fetus. Few people say this problem in Chinese information.After consulting some English materials, the conclusion is: 10mmHg-13mmHg air pressure carbon dioxide artificial qi, which is safe for the fetus.

When controlling the surgery time, when maintaining effective ventilation, the impact of CO2 qi belly on the mother is extremely small, and does not increase the risk of premature birth, fetal growth, congenital malformations, and low intellectual children.Some scholars have proposed that during the operation, anesthesiologists need to monitor the arteries of pregnant women in order to deal with abnormalities in time.

With the popularization of laparoscopy and the increasingly mature technology, pregnancy is no longer a taboo for laparoscopic surgery.The traditional opening appendix is needed to push away the uterus to find the appendix. The uterus will also be exposed to the air and stimulate the fetus.

In the laparoscopic appendix resection, due to the avoidance of the uterus exposed to the air during the operation, the artificial qi and abdomen pressure was small, and there was no direct pressure on the uterus.After laparoscopic appendix resection, pregnant women can quickly restore pregnancy physiological.

To put it simply, pregnant women’s appendicitis, regardless of a few months of pregnancy, once diagnosed or evidence, is highly suspected of appendicitis, should be surgery, surgery, and the first choice of appendic sorting of laparoscopy.

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