What skin care products are good for allergies during pregnancy?Variety of sensitive skin care products worth starting

Many Baoma will have allergies during breastfeeding. In fact, this is very normal.

My skin problems during breastfeeding are even more serious, not just easy to be allergic, but just changing a face every season!

If it is a dry sensitivity skin, after pregnancy, the skin will become more unstable due to the changes in hormones. It will come to the door when breastfeeding itching, eczema, flushing, etc., and I really want to cry without tears.

First of all, how did Ganminpi form?

In fact, it is very simple. No matter how dry or allergies, it is the calamity of damage to the skin barrier!

△ What is a skin barrier?

Our skin is divided into stratum corneum, particle layer, spiny layer, base layer and dermis layer. The skin barrier we often say refers to: sebum film+stratum corneum.

American scholars have compared the skin as a brick wall, the cells are connected to the steel bars, and the lipids of the cells are mash.The sebum film is at the outermost layer of the brick wall and is the outer wall coating layer. This structure forms a human natural protection barrier.

Once the barrier is damaged, it will not be able to resist the stimulus of the outside world, and the water lock ability will decrease, which will cause the skin to become dry and peeling, and even allergic.

▲ There are many reasons that cause damage to the skin barrier. The breastfeeding period is mainly related to hormone imbalances, staying up late, mood, and improper skin care.

There is no way for hormone imbalance, and confinement will slowly adjust.Moms have to bring their children and cooking every day. Most of them go to work. It is inevitable that they will stay up late, and they will even have emotions.To be honest, if my mother -in -law did not come to help with it, I couldn’t have time to do my own career.

These are objective factors, but will the skin become dry and sensitive during breastfeeding? Is there any reason for us?

Of course!

① Use Sanwu products

Moms must have used a lot of skin care products before pregnancy. Some are purchased from informal channels, especially the three -free products bought from small vendors and micro -business. Taking the mask as an example, many of them contain hormones and fluorescent agents.Even heavy metals such as mercury.

Some Baoma thinks that they can no longer be used after pregnancy, so they are directly discontinued. However, these hormone skin care products will occur if they are discontinued.This is clinically called a typical abstinence of hormone -dependent dermatitis.

| TIPS: Hormone ring reactions include edema erythema, pimples, blisters, tissue liquid exudation, etc., often accompanied by redness, itching, burning, and dry skin and dryness.

② Take the extreme, wash your face with water, do not care for skin care

If you do not do any skin care after breastfeeding and wash your face with water, the skin barrier will not be protected. In addition, the changes in hormones during pregnancy will cause allergies.

Coupled with the child’s staying up late during breastfeeding, the sleep is serious, the mental stress is great, the skin’s immunity decreases sharply, and it will even be accompanied by postpartum depression.Scientific research has shown that changes in mental stress and hormone levels are the main causes of rose acne.

Is there any good way to relieve it?

If you want to repair your skin barrier, in addition to the doctors often say that you need to do rest and diet and maintain your emotions, there is also a very important measure: scientific skin care!

During the lactation, Baoma can only do the basic skin care work. Basic skin care trilogy: clean, moisturizing, and sun protection.

Nenfu skin care set

This is my heart love. I usually like to study the ingredients.

All ingredients have passed the EWG certification, and it is also completely safe in the query software such as beautiful practice. In my eyes, the component party is first closed in terms of the safety of the ingredients.

The effective ingredients are added with folic acid composition. The consumption -grade folic acid extracted through German advanced microbial fermentation technology is not only gentle, but also has the effect of maintaining the skin. The effect of maintaining stability is really good!After using it for a while, the skin has obviously stabilized. I used to stay in the air -conditioned room for a long time, and the skin would appear dry and splattered. Now the skin is still very moisturizing all day long.

Lichuanquan B5 repair cream

During the breastfeeding period, because the children had to cook during the day, and they had to get up in the middle of the night at night, so the skin became very, very bad.The repair effect of this repair cream is almost the same as that of Yuze, which makes me very amazing.

The citric acid and silica contained in their products are good exfoliating and antibacterial ingredients.Many animals and plants are also very silicon in the body. It is used in skin care products. It has a certain exfoliation and concealer, and it can also improve the softness of the skin.

Others are common moisturizing agents such as glycerin and pantol alcohol, which can penetrate into the skin stratum corneum to promote skin absorption and make the skin softer.

Ke Run Sunscreen

To be honest, it is too difficult to choose a low -sensitivity and safe sunscreen for sensitive muscles.Many sunscreen contains either chemical sunscreen, or more acne components.

However, the products of the Kerun series of Japanese Hua Pao are quite reassuring and rarely step on the thunder.The reason why this sunscreen is used in breastfeeding is mainly because it is suitable for sensitive muscles, which is gentle.

The ingredients are not complicated, that is, a simple physical sunscreen zinc oxide. In addition, the common moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and butanol can be added. It can also control oil while antioxidant and sunscreen.

At the same time, the ingredients of blue eucalyptus leaf anti -inflammatory ingredients are the patent of Hua Pao. According to Hua’s research, it can effectively promote the synthesis of the skin’s own albumin, can effectively inhibit acne, and eliminate free radicals and prevent elderly.

Overall use, this sunscreen except for mild ingredients and suitable for sensitive muscles, and does not rub the mud, the concealing ability is OK.However, it is because of high concentrations of zinc oxide and containing a variety of skin conditioning agents, which may be dry for a long time.

In short, remember one sentence: sensitive skin care is very troublesome, and the breastfeeding period is very fragile, so as long as you do the basic skin care trilogy, that is, mild, clean, moisturizing, and mild sun protection.

In the choice of skin care products, we must pay attention to avoid three products, vitamin A acid, hair dye, perm, inferior fragrance and preservatives, in order to protect our sensitive skin and repair damaged places.

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