What skin care products can I use when I am pregnant?Is it necessary for pregnant women with skin care products?

Many mothers are very tight after pregnancy, especially for skin care. This is not necessary to use that or dare to use it.In fact, many skin care products used before pregnancy can continue to be used.One thing you need to do is actually check the composition table of skin care products, and avoid the following ingredients as much as possible.

Pregnant women’s orally vitamin A is proven to cause fetal malformations in medicine. Although the content of vitamin A in external skin care products is not high, it can be absorbed less by the skin, let alone enter the blood.However, it is recommended that expectant mothers still use it with caution to avoid it as much as possible.If you have already used it without knowing it, you don’t have to panic.

Vitamin A generally exists in the form of derivatives A, A ester, and A aldehyde in skin care products, and is common in anti -aging anti -wrinkle products.

For example, Elizabeth Jamon’s pink gum essence contains A alcohol, also known as retinol.

You can find retinol in the ingredient table

Salmonic acid can clear pores and soften keratin, which is one of the main efficacy components of many acne products on the market.In addition, many facial cleanser, toner, cleaning mask and exfoliating products will be added.

Orally dose of large amount of acetyl acetyl salicylic acid (derivatives of salicylic acid, aspirin) have the risk of fetal malformations. Although the effects of salicylic acid on pregnant women and babies have no conclusion at present, the safety reasons are still contained during pregnancy.Salmonic acid skin care products.

If mothers have skin acne during pregnancy, do not use acne products at will, it is best to consult the doctor’s opinion.

Pipopenol, also known as hydrogen, is a powerful melanin synthetic inhibitor. It is mainly used in the skin care field for local light spots, but this fierce drug has a certain toxicity.Dangerous, therefore, it is prohibited from adding skin care products and cosmetics.

But this does not mean that you have no chance to contact this ingredient at all.In the United States, phenylbenols with a concentration of less than 2%are allowed among non -prescription products, such as PCA Skin’s Pigment Gel light spots.There are also some products of the Luxury White series of Japanese cosmetics brand AMPLEUR.Moms may wish to check whether you contain this component through purchasing or Haitao’s skin care products.

Axyl-3 is a chemical sunscreen that can absorb UVB and some UVA bands in ultraviolet rays. It is common on the ingredient table of sunscreen. Sometimes it is also added to other skin care products to protect other ingredients.EssenceThe sunscreen effect of this sunscreen is relatively weak, but it can be absorbed by the skin in large quantities, and some studies have shown that it will simulate estrogen and interfere with endocrine. Therefore, it is recommended to use it with caution.

Many girls have spots on their faces after pregnancy. In order to avoid the color of the spots, it is important to do daily sunscreen during pregnancy.It is recommended that mothers give priority to hard sun protection measures such as parasols and hats. If you are worried that the protection of hard sun protection is not enough, you can choose to use sunscreen with pure physical sunscreens (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide), which is safer than chemical sunscreen.

Diabenate is a series of collective refers to a series of esters formed by benzene acid. It is often used as a solvent, degeneration agent, spice, skin conditioning agent, etc. It exists in skin care products, perfumes and nail products.

Studies have shown that phthalates can interfere with human secretion systems, and long -term small doses accumulation may affect the baby’s reproductive system development.Some researchers believe that exposure to phthalate during pregnancy will affect the baby’s subsequent motor nerves and intellectual development.So expectant mothers are best to choose the skin care products of PHTHALATE-FREE.

Most skin care products are actually available during pregnancy. There is no need to replace it with skin care products for pregnant women’s brands. Pay attention to checking skin care products.

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