What to do after pregnancy?80%of expectant mothers don’t know

What should I do if I am anemia after pregnancy?Is the impact of anemia for pregnant women on the baby?What are the symptoms of expectant anemia?


1. What are the symptoms of anemia after pregnancy

1. Weak weakness: fatigue and sleepy are caused by muscle hypoxia.It is the most common and earliest symptoms.

2. Pale skin and mucous membranes: the effects of the distribution of skin, mucous membranes, conjunctiva, and skin capillaries and relaxation status.It is generally believed that the colors of the binding film, the size of the palm of the palm, and the color of the nail bed are more reliable.

3. Cardiovascular system: palpitations are one of the most prominent symptoms. There are tachycardia. You can hear a soft contraction period in the heart tip of the heart or pulmonary wetal area. It is called anemia murmur.Severe anemia or original coronary heart disease can cause angina pectoris, heart expansion, and heart failure.

4. Respiratory system: Creature or dyspnea, most of them are caused by hypoxia or hypertonatemia in the respiratory center.

5. Central nervous system: dizziness, headache, tinnitus, dazzling, inconsistent attention, drowsiness, etc. are common symptoms.Anemia during pregnancy not only affects the mother’s body, but also has a great harm to the development of the fetus. Therefore, expectant mothers must pay more attention to the iron supplement in daily diet to prevent anemia!

2. What is the effect of anemia on the fetus after pregnancy

During pregnancy, the baby in the stomach relies on your mother’s body to obtain nutrition and continuously develops.If the expectant mothers find the symptoms of anemia during pregnancy, they must pay attention to the early conditioning of the body. They can consume iron through their daily diet to prevent iron deficiency anemia and protect the health of themselves and the baby!

Mild mild anemia has little effect on the fetus, but long -term anemia can lead to weakness and dizziness, and the healthy development of the fetus will also be affected.Iron is the most important trace element

The impact of moderate anemia on the expectant mother has a great impact on the fetus. Insufficient blood supply and oxygen supply and oxygen supply will affect the development of the fetus. After the birth of the fetus, there will be a small and poor rational.Low oxygen capacity can easily lead to hypoxia, placental necrosis, plugging into the fetus, and fetal suffocation. Severe severe premature birth and death will occur.

Pregnant woman nourishing blood

3. What to eat for expectant mothers to nourish blood fastest

Mother -to -mother anemia is a common phenomenon. Many pregnant women often feel dizzy, weak, tinnitus, pale complexion.So what is the fastest to eat for pregnant women with anemia?99 Maternity Subsidon experts Let’s understand together!

1. Eat more foods rich in iron.Duck blood soup, egg yolk, lean meat, beans, spinach, amaranth, tomato, red dates and other foods have high iron content, which can be eaten frequently.Animal liver is rich in minerals.Like braised chicken liver, pork liver, etc., eat twice a week.

2. Eat more high -protein foods, especially in the middle and late pregnancy.For example, milk, fish, eggs, lean meat, beans, etc. These foods have good effects on the treatment of anemia.But pay attention to the combination of vegetables and vegetables, vegetables and fruits must be kept up, so as not to hurt the stomach with greasy things.Finally, you remind you expectant mothers to avoid drinking strong tea, coffee, etc. during pregnancy to avoid suppressing iron absorption.

3. Diverse nutritional food.I often eat milk, carrots, and egg yolks, and eat more fruit and vegetables rich in vitamin C.These foods can supplement vitamin A and help the absorption of iron.

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