What to do if I feel severe during pregnancy and how to relieve it

Starting from this stage of pregnancy, major changes in physiological and lifestyle may make you busy.While mood is nervous, worried and excited, some symptoms may have come quietly.The changes in the babies of the baby are different from each person’s physique, and each mother may not have encountered it.As for the symptoms of pregnant mothers and relax your mood, the following information will help you solve the confusion and clever response.

First, what to do if severe vomiting during pregnancy

Pregnancy and not eating are the most common symptoms of discomfort in the early days. They usually occur around 6 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. Some people will continue until three or four months of pregnancy, and then gradually improve.Most of the pregnant women will have symptoms of nausea or even vomiting when they get up in the morning, and they also occur in other daily time or continue for a whole day.In order to prevent Mommy from having a weight without gaining weight and decrease, the diet at this time focuses on "eating". As long as the pregnant mommy is willing to eat and appetite, try to eat it.EssenceHowever, after a while and the improvement of pregnancy, it should be restored to a balanced diet and slowly replenish the required nutrition.

When the number of pregnancy is frequent and the vomiting is severe. For example, when you eat it, you should pay attention to the problem of dehydration and imbalance of electrolytes.Therefore, at this time we don’t need to restrict the supplement of liquid food, soup can be taken more.It doesn’t matter if you drink, it is best to drink less drinks with additives, especially drinks containing sugar essence and artificial pigment, which will cause harm to mummy and baby.The following provides a few methods that help to ease pregnancy. Since each method is used in each mummy, the effect is different, so as long as it can make yourself soothing, I suggest you try it!But if you can’t eat well because of pregnancy, please go to the hospital to report.

1. A small amount of meals: Avoid an empty stomach, and reduce the amount of each diet and increase the number of meals. Even if you drink water, you should add a small mouth to avoid nausea.Don’t lie down or sit down immediately after eating, it is best to walk slightly to promote gastrointestinal motility.

2. Diet "Wet and Wet Separation" type: that is, liquid is separated from solid food, and liquid intake is best between two meals.For example, don’t drink soup immediately after eating; don’t drink water after eating soda biscuits.

3. Light diet: Try to focus on high protein, rich sugar (carbohydrate) foods, which can soothe pregnancy, but also help supplement the baby’s nutrition in the tire.

4. Eat biscuits in the morning: Because pregnancy vomiting often occurs in the morning in the morning, so the mothers can eat some sugar foods on the bed after waking up in the morningThe morning vomiting symptoms of hypoglycemia caused by empty stomach can also stimulate appetite.

5. Supplement vitamin B6: The pregnant woman with insufficient vitamin B6 in vitamin B6 will be more obvious, but if vitamin B6 is supplemented to suppress the nausea, it should still be diagnosed by a nutritionist or doctor.More ideal.In general, Ng’s dietary ways, greasy, spicy or fried, and have strong foods, can easily cause nausea and harm.Too greasy, high -fat diet is not easy to digest, and it will aggravate the symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort.Spicy and stimulating foods can easily damage gastric mucosa and cause excessive gastric acid secretion.

Second, it is easy to get tired after pregnancy, how to improve

In order to turn the body of Mommy into a state where the baby is easy to live, the physical strength, drowsiness, and fatigue caused by the hormones secreted by the mother’s body are very common in the early stages of pregnancy!Especially now, many women still have to continue to work in the busy life when they are pregnant. Under the dual pressure of psychology and body, it is indeed a very tiring thing.

Tiring is a kind of warning from the body, reminding you to grasp the time to rest, and you can restore your spirit after a suitable rest and take a while.Moreover, in the middle of this tired symptom, after the body has gradually adjusted the changes in pregnancy, the situation will improve!In terms of diet, you can take more foods containing iron, especially pregnant mothers who have anemia. In the early days, you should pay special attention to iron intake.

Do not use coffee or sweets to boost the spirit. These foods only have a temporary effect. After the blood sugar drops quickly, it will become more tired than before.In addition, it is necessary to observe whether the fatigue of the pregnant mummy is caused by pregnancy and dehydration.

Third, what should I do if frequent urination during pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, due to hormones, it will not only increase blood flow, but also increase the urine volume, especially you have to discharge the baby’s waste at the same time.In the late pregnancy period, pregnant women often urinate frequently because the gradual and larger uterus is oppressed to the bladder, which makes the number of toilets more.Do not deliberately reduce the amount of water drinking because you often need to relieve urination. Insufficient water intake or urinating behavior can easily cause urethral infections for pregnant mummy.

If you want to reduce the number of running toilets, try your best to pour your body posture as much as possible when you urinate.If you want to solve the trouble of going to the toilet in the middle of the night, try to drink the water you should drink in the day before the evening, and reduce the amount of drinking water after dinner or before going to bed.If the frequent urination phenomenon and the symptoms of burning sensation when you urinate, be careful that it may be urethritis.As for the mummy that has no particularly increased urination after pregnancy, this is also normal. As long as there is enough water every day, there is no problem.

Fourth, what should I do if my appetite is lost during pregnancy

Mummy, which usually hurts and has symptoms of pregnancy, is also prone to poor appetite, mainly because the secretion of lutein makes gastrointestinal motility slower, which causes indigestion, flatulence, poor appetite … and so on.Therefore, such symptoms actually often occur in mummy in the middle and late pregnancy.It is recommended that pregnant women and mothers should still maintain a normal diet in three meals. The separation between the two meals should not be too long, and the "small number of meals" can also be collected.After all, the baby’s nutrition comes from the mother. If the mummy itself has not eaten for too long, it is easy to cause low blood sugar and dizziness when the fetus must be supplied at the same time, and it will also affect the baby’s weight and development.Try to see fruits such as pineapple, passion fruit, or make cold dishes, add your favorite taste to help appetite.

Sometimes Thai and Vietnamese cuisine with a bit of sour taste, such as adding the appetizer with lemon juice or fruit vinegar, is also very good.If the appetite is still not good, it is also feasible to replenish the calories by "drinking". Try to choose orange juice, sugar cane juice, fruit vegetable juice, etc., or use milk, soy milk, rice slurry, mother milk powder to supplementThe nutrition required.

Fifth, what to do if you love spicy foods later

Change appetite is a phenomenon that many pregnant women will have, especially in the early stages.For example, a female friend said that before pregnancy did not like to eat guava, and after pregnancy, I had to take one for a while.Basically, this has nothing to do. This is because the changes in hormones make the taste of pregnant women and the preferences of food.

The changes in pregnant moms in diet are OK as long as they do not affect the necessary nutritional intake during pregnancy.The food with sour taste is helpful to appetite, and it is okay to eat little spicy to satisfy it.However, it should be noted that after all, hot and sour foods have a certain irritation, and do not eat in an empty stomach; if there are gastrointestinal discomfort, excessive gastric acid, and gastric esophageal reverse symptoms, it is not advisable to eat it again!In addition, there are some sour and sweet dishes, such as sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour pork ribs, and in order to balance the taste, they use more sugar; there are also more greasy and salty characteristics.The edema hurts brain.

Six, what to do if insomnia during pregnancy

This symptom is often troubled by many mummy in the late pregnancy, because the uterus becomes bigger and unstable.However, the situation of poor sleep at the beginning of pregnancy is also very common. Mainly, when women are pregnant, all kinds of concerns and troubles also follow.

It is recommended that you adjust the pressure moderately and pour in your loved ones or friends. Stability is the most important!In addition, stay up late after pregnancy, and do not think about it at night. Of course, you must not use caffeine drinks to refresh.May wish to add high -quality protein foods at dinner, such as light fish, chicken, and bean dishes, which helps to sleep well, but do not eat before you go to bed!If you feel a little hungry, drink some milk or easy -to -digest liquid and semi -current food.But if it affects the sleep condition because it must get up to the toilet in the middle of the night, the ingestion of the liquid should be more cautious.

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