What to do if the sewage pipe leaks water

In life, leakage of water pipelines often happen.First of all, you need to find out the water leak as soon as possible and mark it so that you can do it later.In addition, it is necessary to check what pipelines of the pipeline of water leakage.For the cast iron pipelines of the old house and the PVC pipe of the newly -built house, the processing method of leakage is different.Next, find the water source control switch of the house and turn off the sluice inside the house to ensure that there is no longer water leakage.The following is a process of treatment: If the cast iron pipes of the old house leak water, and the gap in the outlet is small or just a trachoma leakage.Then buy a pack of leak king can make up the gap.If it is a PVC pipeline leakage, regardless of the gap, it is recommended to replace this section of pipes again so that it can ensure that there will be no leakage phenomenon.If the gap in the leakage is relatively small, the temporary treatment method is to buy a roll of waterproof tape in the hardware store, cover the gap, wrap a layer of glass glue outside, and then wrap a layer of waterproof tape.In this way, the problem of leakage can be solved.For a large gap, it is recommended that you still find a professional maintenance master repair so that the problem can be solved thoroughly.I hope my answer can help you, I wish you a happy life!

Generally, the new house must be closed after the renovation is repaired. If the groundwater pipe is found to be leaked, it is best to solve it in time!Method 1: Welding; water leakage of pipeline welding should be stopped and welded. The cast iron tube must be used for cast iron.In addition to cleaning the surface before the welding, first drill a small hole in each ends of the cracks, and then welded the cracks and then welded. Finally, the small hole was welded.Method 2: Frank leakage; replace the rubber pads, with the number of flanges with the bolt of the flanged holes. Pay attention to the symmetrical and fastened when the bolt is on the bolt.If it is caused by the foundation, the pipes should be added.Method three: leakage of the inheritance of the interpolation; the cement pipe or cast iron pipe inheritance is leaked, and the seal fillers at the leaky place should be removed (be careful not to vibrate too much).You can also add steel sleeves. The plastic tube joints leak water. You can cut the joints, the retractable joint can be re -connected.Method 4: Large area of water leakage; re -welding a steel pipe in the leakage section of the steel pipe or removing a steel pipe or a steel plate with the same curvature and similar thickness at the crack. Before welding, it should be treated with anti -corrosion treatment after welding.The cast iron pipe is a ring crack. Steel tube can be added, and then green leads or oil linen and asbestos cement can be entered between the steel sleeve and the iron pipe.If it is a longitudinal crack, drill small holes at the ends of the cracks to prevent the cracks from extending, and then add a pipe treatment. You can also cut the tube section with more cracks and then add the sleeve treatment.A steel bar is welded at the inner wall of both ends of the tube. The diameter is determined with the gap in diameter, which can prevent the filler from falling into the tube and make the filling gap uniform.

First of all, we must understand that the type of water pipe is iron pipe or plastic water pipe, and the degree of water leakage of water pipes: some water pipes are only leakage of water, some are a large amount of water seepage, sometimes water pipe joints leak, common different types of water pipes leak water leakage of water pipes in water pipes.details as following:

1. Reasons for leakage of water pipe joints: This situation is generally slightly mild, and it is not difficult to solve. It is because the water pipe and the faucet are not connected.

2. Reasons for leakage of water pipes: Water pipes hardened or long -term foreign bodies block the water pipe and cause rupture.

3. The reason for the leakage of the iron pipe: The iron pipe is generally due to the long time dripping water and the water pipe is not replaced in time, resulting in rust and corrosion of the water pipe.

4. Reasons for leakage of plastic water pipes: Water pipes hardened or long -term foreign bodies block the water pipe and cause rupture.

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