What to do with cats and dogs at home, don’t random pets at will, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable!

Text/Good Dad Tao Gongcai

What about pets in the home during pregnancy?This is a big trouble for many pets after pregnancy.

First of all, to understand the impact of pets during pregnancy.The spread of toxoplasma is probably the greatest danger that pets bring to pregnant women.

Toxoplasma is a infectious disease caused by the parasitic of the rigid bow -shaped worm. Cats are the ultimate host of the bowworm. The worm eggs are discharged with the stool of the cat, which can survive for one year in the soil.Except for cats, almost all mammals and birds can be transmitted to Toxoplasma.

Almost all of the pregnant women are susceptible to this infectious disease. If infection of the toxoplasma virus within the first three months of pregnancy, it may cause abortion, death or fetal deformedness; if infected with the virus in the middle of pregnancy, it may lead to a dead fetus., Premature or fetal diseases, severe brains, eyes and other parts.

I often see news or I heard that due to pets, which cause fetal malformations, even serious consequences such as fetal stops, abortion, and even the same pregnant woman have been affected many times, the terrible degree is extraordinary.Especially pets such as cats and dogs should pay more attention.

During pregnancy, don’t be lucky, let alone feel that things are not closed. When it is really affected, regret is late.Before pregnancy, families with pet habits at home either find a good place for pets as soon as possible, or according to the following scientific breeding.

1. Torch examination should be performed before pregnancy.If you are infected with a bow -shaped worm, you can welcome the arrival of the baby with peace of mind; but if the results are infected, you cannot get pregnant for the time being.

2. Take cats and dogs to draw blood tests to see if he has a bow -shaped worm.

3. Regular deworming for pets.

4. Don’t let cats and dogs prey outside.

5. Feed cooked food and cat food.

6. Cats and dogs should clean up at least once a day.

7. Pregnant women should avoid contacting the cat’s excrement and cat sand pot and wash their hands frequently.

In fact, those who have children at home should also pay attention to avoid pets such as cats and dogs at home, and children are also easy to infect diseases.

Pets such as cats and dogs, pets are a manifestation of love, but when you are pregnant, you must pay attention to children. Do not look down, otherwise the consequences are serious.

(Author is a writer, parent -child education expert, and author of "Good Dad Create a Child Life")

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