What’s going on with low progesterone?How to avoid low progesterone?Listen to what the doctor says

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I believe that when many pregnant mothers go to the hospital for pregnancy in the early days of pregnancy, most of them are informed by doctors as "low progesterone". This phenomenon of low progesterone can generally be known when pregnancy testing.Ketone "What is it?What should I do if progesterone is low, do I need to add?

Another name of progesterone is "progesterone", a natural progesterone secreted by ovarian progesterone. It has the effect of inhibiting uterine activity to make fetal safe growth. It is a substance necessary for maintaining pregnancy.In general, many pregnant mothers in the country have a phenomenon of low progesterone. Therefore, doctors will tell pregnant mothers that the low situation will be supplemented, otherwise there will be a risk of abortion.Therefore, the statement of keeping the fetus is low, and the pregnant mothers need to be disturbed.

Welon is not the reference value of "abortion"

Now there are many pregnant mothers who do not have obvious symptoms, they will do some examinations. Once the indicators of examinations are found, such as the value of progesterone, they will suspect that they may have a miscarriage.Very wrong understanding.

Generally speaking, everyone will have physical differences, so the indicators of progesterone cannot represent absolute reference value, especially in the early pregnancy luteal secreting progesterone unstable, so there is no practical reference significance. If pregnancyThe ketone value is low in the normal range, and there is no symptoms of bleeding and abdominal pain. When the B -ultrasound shows that the result is normal, there is no need to worry.If there is excessive emotions, it may be counterproductive, causing the possibility of miscarriage.

How to judge whether progesterone is normal or abnormal?

Before 6 weeks of pregnancy, if the level of progesterone is too low, you can cooperate with the examination of the choric membrane to promote gonadotropin (HCG) to determine the quality of the embryo. If 48 hours, the value of the HCG test is reduced, indicating that the embryo is embryo, indicating that the embryoThe quality of poor quality may be ectopic pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, within 7 weeks of pregnancy, the value of HCG is 48 hours interval, and at least 67%is needed.

After 6 weeks of pregnancy, the progesterone value is low. You can use the color Doppler check method. The color ultrasound can determine the location and size of the gestational sac, including the length of the fetal buds and the beat of the fetal heart.The rules of heartbeat indicate that the quality of the embryo is good, and the chance of abortion is usually less than 10%. At this time, pregnant mothers need to worry about it.

Do I need to replenish progesterone?

In most cases, no progesterone is required, but the phenomenon of replenishment of progesterone in China is more common. For some foreign countries, low progesterone is also accustomed to it, and there is no supplementary statement.The main reason for the low progesterone is the quality of the embryo, and the supplementation of progesterone cannot improve the quality of the embryo at all.There is no effect on the quality of the embryo.

There is an exception of the mothers of the mothers. At this time, the appropriate amount of progesterone may need to be supplemented, which is also helpful for pregnancy.However, there is no clear test to determine the test of the luteal function, so helping mothers suggest that pregnant mothers do not blindly choose no choice.

In fact, the phenomenon of low progesterone will exist in many pregnant mothers, but do n’t supplement it blindly.confirm.But in fact, the help mother thinks that as long as the inspection is passed, the quality of the embryo is good, and there is no need for supplementation at all.

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