What’s wrong with men’s abdomen tingling

Although the ratio of small abdominal pain is not as big as women, there will also be painful abdominal pain. What causes a man’s abdominal pain?In view of the status quo of small abdominal pain, the current situation of small abdomen does not cause attention, experts reminded that if male friends have pain in the lower abdomen, they must not be ignored. Among them, it may be avoided by some diseases, such as prostate diseases.

According to experts, multi -male friends think that lower abdomen pain is the "patent" of women’s friends. Men will not have this situation, but in reality, many male friends have experienced lower abdomen tenderness.Other symptoms, such as: accompanied by diarrhea may be inflammation of the gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal; constipation may be obstruction of feces; vomiting should consider intestinal obstruction or inflammation; change habits may be lesion of the large intestine; at the same time, there are symptoms such as jaundice and fever.Diseases; frequent urination, difficulty in urination, and nighturia, etc., must be considered as the problems of bladder, urethra, etc. These different symptoms will help the real cause of abdominal pain.

The pain of prostatitis is not limited to the urethra and perineal, but also radiates to it for four weeks. The following low back pain is the most common.

Gonococcus and chlamydia and mycoplasma that cause urethritis is one of the pathogenic bacteria that cause infertility.Chlamydia and mycoplasma are not obvious or asymptomatic due to their symptoms of urethritis. Many people mistakenly think that there is no sexually transmitted disease without symptoms, and the timing of examination and treatment is delayed.The infection mycoplasma is not treated for a long time, and it will be attached to the sperm tail of the male sperm and cause the sperm vitality to weaken significantly, which will affect conception.Accompanied by symptoms, such as urination pain, burning, and small abdominal pain.

Other reasons for men’s lower abdomen pain

1. Sacrifice varicose vein star is the main cause of men’s abdominal pain. The iconic veins are often ill on the left.The characteristics of lower abdomen pain are more obvious when sitting. The pain is radiation to the left perineum, which can be accompanied by testes. It is a common disease for young men.When the varicose veins occur, the scrotum is large, heavy and swelling, worsening when standing, walking, and labor, and decreased after a flat rest.

2. Big colonitis and rectalitis also occur in small abdominal pain in men. The characteristics are characterized by the number of defecation or stool properties with abdominal pain.Chronic colitis is an autoimmune disease. It may be related to certain pathogen infections, genetic genes and mental factors. Most of the diseases are long, and the disease is difficult to heal, especially ulcerative colitis, stool with mucus and pus, and patients are very painful.

So, how to relieve men’s abdomen tingling?

Men’s lower abdomen tingling will generally recover later, without having to do other relief methods, but if there is continuous tingling, you must seek medical treatment in time for treatment.Men’s abdomen is not a minor disease. It is hoped that men with this symptom must go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid more serious diseases.

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