What’s wrong with panties yellow panties in the third trousers?

By the third trimester, some new changes have undergone expectant mothers’ bodies.For example, the body burden is getting heavier, and even bending has become difficult and edema of hands and feet.These are normal physiological changes, and there is a hidden change in the third trimester: the number of vaginal secretions increases, that is, the increase in leucorrhea, which may change 1-2 pairs of underwear a day.

Leucorrhea is a bark of women’s health, which is also applicable to pregnant women. If the leucorrhea is abnormal during pregnancy, it may also affect the fetus.Although the increase in leucorrhea in the third trimester is normal, the color, odor, and texture of leucorrhea should not change.Today, let’s take a look at what is yellow and yellow in the third trimester of pregnancy and how to clean the private parts.

What is going on with yellow panties in the third trousers

After the female hormone level in the body increases, the secretions in the vagina will increase due to the increased level of female hormones in the body. This secretion is leucorrhea.If there is a large amount of leucorrhea, but there is no odor or itching, it is normal, and there is no need to do special treatment.If the liquor is stronger, the smell is unpleasant or itching in the genitals, it should be medical treatment.So as long as the leucorrhea yellow hair is not odor, it is okay.

However, if the increase in leucorrhea is abnormal in vaginal infection, it has an impact on the fetus.Pain should be treated in a regular obstetrics and gynecology hospital in time.

Method of cleaning in private parts during pregnancy

The cleaning of private parts during pregnancy must first develop regular habits.In clinical practice, some patients with vaginitis during pregnancy have repeatedly recur. In addition to some complex recurrence factors, they are also related to lifestyle habits and diet habits.For example, staying up late, long -term desk work, do not like to drink water, and like to eat spicy foods, etc., all of which can easily lead to health problems in private parts.

Therefore, the routine of pregnant women during pregnancy must be regular; usually drink more water, and the purpose of drinking more water can not only supplement the water needed by our body, but also forced themselves to go to the toilet, thereby increasing exercise and avoiding local temperature rise.At the same time, eat less spicy and irritating foods.

In addition, pregnant women need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the front and back.It is important to wash your hands before. If your hand is not clean, and then wipe the perineal with toilet paper, the germs on your hand will be brought to the perineum.If the body’s resistance decreases, it is likely to cause infection.

Pregnant women can be cleaned through the shower. During the shower, they do not need to use a bath liquid or soap every day to clean them with water.

Xiaobian’s words

Everyone knows now, the panties yellow yellow in the third trimester, as long as there is no odor, the general problem is not big.Pay attention to changing panties frequently.Do not eat spicy foods, drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins, pay attention to exercise appropriately during the third trimester, but do not exercise too much.Washing private parts can be used with water, do not use drugs.

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