What’s wrong with vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy?Is it a sign of miscarriage?

Pregnancy was originally a happy event, which is a happy matter, but with the vagina bleeding, the expectant mothers are worried. Is it a sign of miscarriage? Is the child who can’t keep it?It was not light, and let the family sweat with the cold.

What about vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy? Why bleed? Let me talk about it in detail.

During the early pregnancy, about 10%of expectant mothers will have vaginal bleeding. In fact, vaginal hemorrhage is not a sign of miscarriage. Some female fertilized eggs will have vaginal hemorrhage when the bed is in bed.Go to the hospital in a timely manner to check.

Causes of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy

■ Chuerkear abortion

The common cause of vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy is abortion. At the beginning, there are generally less bleeding. It is often dark red or brown secretions. Sometimes it is accompanied by hidden abdomen pain. This situation belongs to a threatened abortion.After the treatment and rest, the symptoms can continue to be pregnant after the symptoms disappear.

If the symptoms are worse, bleeding increases, obvious lower abdomen pain, and even the vagina discharge meat -like tissue, then abortion is inevitable, which is inevitable.

■ Ectopic pregnancy

There is also a dangerous situation of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy that is ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is also called ectopic pregnancy. It refers to fertilized eggs in bed outside the uterus. More than 85%of ectopic pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tube.

Embryoscopy will continue to grow over time. The slender fallopian tube space is limited, and the increasingly growing embryo will be supported. Velvete penetrates the fallopian tube wall, causing the tube wall to rupture, a lot of bleedingEssence

■ Port

Embryo abnormal hydatidal, which belongs to "pregnancy nourishing cell disease", and fertilized eggs can "settle down their home" in the uterine cavity, but fluff nourishing cells are abnormally proliferated, forming different sizes of blisters.Like grapes, its typical symptoms are vaginal bleeding after menopause.

What examinations need to be done after vaginal bleeding

In the early pregnancy, the clinic is mainly to evaluate the condition of early pregnancy by checking blood HCG, progesterone, and B -ultrasound.

Blood HCG

On the 7th day of fertilization, HCG can be found from the blood test, and pregnancy can be found in advance, and the growth of blood HCG value can determine whether the development of the embryo is normal.

Before 10 weeks of pregnancy, the average level of serum HCG was doubled by about 48 hours. If the level of 48 hours of blood HCG increased by less than 66%, or did not double every 72 hours, it means that the embryo development may be poor and there is a risk of abortion.


If progesterone (progesterone) is greater than 25ng/ml, it is generally a situation where the embryo is developed; if the progesterone is below 5ng/ml, then the chance of abortion is greater; if progesterone is between 5-25ng/ml, it is between 5-25ng/ml?You need to observe further.

Theoretically, progesterone is lower than normal, may be inadequate luteum function, or embryo itself is not developed. Therefore, the cause of bleeding in combination with HCG and B -ultrasound results, and whether to apply progesterone.

B -ultrasound

After 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, doctors can observe the causes of vaginal bleeding through vaginal ultrasound examination and whether the fetus is normal.

① Determine whether you are pregnant in the palace and eliminate ectopic pregnancy;

② Can you see the anechetic, germ structure and fetal heart of the gestational sac developed in the palace

③ View whether there is a placental hybrid blood accumulation or hematoma to initially evaluate the possible cause of bleeding.

Under the B ultrasound, you can clearly see the position, size, fetal heart, and fetal buds of the embryo, and understand the development of the embryo more comprehensive.Go to the palace surgery in time.

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