When a man learned that his wife was pregnant, he took his wife to the hospital for fetal fetus. What is this operation?#…

The man found that his wife was pregnant, and he took his wife to the hospital to get a fetus.The man found his wife wearing a green hat for himself.President Mu’s hidden marriage wife.

Mrs. Mu, it seems that you need to explain to me, and you must not let Mu Yan Shen know the man of that night.I do n’t know that the man in the night is her own husband. You are sleeping by a man. You do n’t know. You are really a fool.

Mu Yan Shen is originally a fake marriage. What rights do you have to care about me, don’t mention your rights with me.You are my stuff. Even if I throw it away, others cannot touch it, and I am not so bully.Dare to touch her to try.

Mr. Mu is coming, otherwise people will definitely be beaten.How did you come?

People think you can’t sleep, but who knows that this woman is stopped at the door, she also scolds me as a dog, and the wicked man also sued first.However, Mu Yan Shen should not believe such a low -level drama, let her apologize, or you can do anything to her.Do you believe what she said, I don’t believe her, do you believe you?I want you to apologize to me, and learn three more dogs, it is impossible.

Look, she is unwilling, I will give you another chance and answer this question again, it is impossible.

Weer is late, do you think about it, do you learn three dogs, or you have three whip, then I would rather be able to take the whip.

Fan Jia took a whip, how about it?I am also your nominal wife.Who is Mu Yan Shen Fu Fushan, it is worthy of humiliating me for her. She is the person I try to find it, and Mrs. Mu, who is my life in the future, know?How can you compare with her?It turned out that the person he loved was Su Fushan. Being you will only dirty my hand, you come to execute.I know you are also very embarrassed, Mrs. Geng, do you have to drink?What do you think?I was so fishy, and Zhang He’s craftsmanship was too bad. Is this okay?

What I was pregnant, it was that man.If Mu Yan Shen knows, he will be crazy.Baby, you are not here, what should your mother do?

Wells late, you are so brave, I will be discovered by Mu Yanshen.Do you want to find*, I am all you, I have nothing to say.Who is the child’s father, you don’t say, I know, is Xu Chenchuan, right?It is not him, the more you deny it, it means that the child’s father is him, it is really not his.I don’t know who the child’s father is.I tried so hard that the child who wanted to keep, but the child’s father had been absent, let go of me, give her anesthetic, and let her be quiet, be sure to kill the wild species in her belly.Okay, Mr. Mu, don’t.Weer dares to betray me late, I must make you not as good as*, and enter.Mrs. Mrs. can’t have a miscarriage, so courageous, you dare to care about my business. The woman you always asked me to find is your wife. The child she is pregnant is yours. What you can say again.

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