When a pregnant woman goes to the wedding agency, there are men to take over.

As the saying goes, there are all kinds of birds in Linzi.The same is true of people.When a woman had been pregnant for eight months after divorcing her husband, she went to the wedding agency to find an object. There was even a man willing to take over and marry her.

Lin Dan and Yang Ming are the marriage of free love and love. They just responded to that sentence. Before marriage, they were sweet and noisy after marriage. Lin Dan and Yang Ming were so.The reason why this happened was because before marriage, each of them hid the shortcomings of their shortcomings. After marriage, they lived together for a long time, and their disadvantages were exposed.

On this day, Lin Dan told Yang Ming in advance that he bought imported cosmetics for thousands of dollars. Yang Ming said that Lin Dan did not put him in his heart and spent money to retaliate Lin Dan.Qian bought a imported leather bag. Lin Dan said that Yang Ming’s small belly chicken intestines were not available to such a man. He proposed to divorce Yang Ming. Yang Ming said with a smile: You have conceived my child, who wants you? "Lin Dan said angrily: I am pregnant with your child?Dreaming!

Some people now do not take marriage seriously. They really say that they get married when they get married. They say that divorce is divorced. Although Lin Dan is pregnant, she still divorces Yang Ming without hesitation.

Lin Dan’s thoughts are also very trendy. She does not think that she is pregnant with Yang Ming’s child, so she is destined to live with Yang Ming for a lifetime. The child with Yang Ming has to be born with Yang Ming.The last name!Therefore, she didn’t care if she was pregnant. She decided to find a husband he liked and let the child give birth to a father.

After Lin Dan registered in the wedding agency, there was really a man who had to meet Lin Dan, so Lin Dan and the man had an appointment with the time. At this time, Lin Dan had counted his pregnancy time for eight months.

The noodles that the two met in the park were called Zhang Nan, tall and handsome, and Lin Dan was very puzzled. He was a pregnant woman. The person willing to marry him should be a person with a difficult appearance. Why is Zhang Nan so handsome and willing to marry himself?She asked Zhang Nan, Zhang Nan said: There is no reason like!

After half a month, Lin Dan found that Zhang Nan was not only handsome, but also very generous. Zhang Nan also said to Lin Dan: Don’t let the child have no father after birth. If Lin Dan really likes him, he will get married earlier.

When Lin Dan was pregnant for more than nine months, he married Zhang Nan. Lin Dan did not let the child follow his surname, but followed Zhang.Zhang Nanshi is very fond of this child.

After a long time, Lin Dan discovered that Zhang Nan had no fertility and was sad.However, Zhang Nan said that he did not have fertility because he had physiological diseases. However, he married Lin Dan and Lin Dan came with pregnancy. He was very happy to let him live a life of his wife and children like other men.Will love Lin Dan for a lifetime.

Throughout the matter, Lin Dan left tears.Zhang Nan is handsome and handsome, open -minded, and loves himself, but he has no fertility. If he lives with Zhang Nan for a lifetime, he indicates that he will live in a lifetime!what to do?Did you get married again?Lin Dan was caught in deep contradictions.

For Lin Dan, the first husband does not love herself, the second husband loves herself, and has no fertility. However, if you live with the second husband, you have to do some sacrifice.There are husbands, children, and a complete home.

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