When a young woman went on a blind date, when a young woman fell in love with the man, after the man was drunk, he volunteered to have a relationship with the man.

When a young woman went on a blind date, when a young woman fell in love with the man, she volunteered to have a relationship with the man after the man was drunk.Unexpectedly, 45 days later, the woman was pregnant by accident, but the man broke up to the woman. The woman inquired many parties and learned that the prospective mother -in -law was behind her back.

Although Xiaomin is only 25 years old, in rural areas, it has become the object of discussion among the aunts in the village. In order to allow Xiaomin to have a good destination, parents often entrust the seven aunts and eight aunts to help introduce the objects.

On the eve of the incident, relatives introduced Xiaomin a highly educated boy Luo. Although the other party was 8 years old, he was dignified and had a stable and decent job in the city.

On the day of the blind date, after Luo came to Xiaomin’s house with tobacco and alcohol, he talked with Xiao Min very well. When Xiaomin’s mother saw this, she felt that the two children had a fate, so they left Luo to eat.

During the meal, Xiaomin’s father opened two bottles of good wine, and drank a cup after Luo Mou. In the evening, when Luo, who had already gone, he was directly arranged by Xiao Min’s parents when he was going home.

Because it was also good for Xiaoshi, Luo did not refuse, but talked with Xiaomin’s father, and had three patrols. Luo expressed his love for Xiaomin.Luo loved at one point.

Because I had inquired about Luo’s family situation before, Xiao Min’s parents agreed to get along with each other. After eating and drinking, they left the two of them alone.A relationship occurred.

In the following days, the two sides became lovers. It was unexpected that after 45 days, when Xiaomin unexpectedly learned that he was pregnant, Luo even proposed to break up.

As for the reason for the breakup, Xiao Min couldn’t understand that Luo’s mother suspected that Xiao Min’s parents asked Luo to break up with Xiaomin, and Luo had been a mother since he was a child, so he went to Xiao Xiao to Xiao Xiao, so he went to Xiao Xiao to Xiao Xiao, so he went to Xiao Xiao.Min proposed to break up.

Xiaomin was puzzled, so he made a lot of trouble at Luo’s house. After this trouble, Xiaomin also learned that Luo’s real reason to break up. It turned out that Xiaomin’s way of dealing with things was extremely extreme.I was busy with the news, and even found death as soon as she quarreled. Luo couldn’t stand it, so he told his mother that after learning about the happiness of his son, his mother persuaded his son to break up, and he chose to be a evil person.

Xiaomin, who learned the truth, said that he would correct this habit, hoping that Luo would give another chance, and Luo said he would consider it again.


1. For this matter, netizens have discussing. Some netizens believe that although the feelings pay attention to the truth, the woman was so proactive on the night of the blind date, and it has long lost its initiative, so it is not surprising that the man does not cherish it in the future!

Some netizens refuted that it was clear that the reason why the man chose to break up was not because the woman was too proactive, but because of Xiao Min’s method of dealing with the problem.

2. From a legal perspective, how should this case be evaluated?

First of all, Article 1041 of the Civil Code stipulates that my country implements a marriage system of freedom of marriage, monogamy, and equality for men and women; Article 1042 stipulates that it is forbidden to include, buy and sell marriage, and other interference in freedom of marriage.

Therefore, in this case, although Xiaomin’s family chose a variety of ways and asked the man to marry Xiaomin, as long as the man disagreed, it was unavoidable.

Some netizens here may have doubts. Isn’t it a factual marriage when the two sides already have children?

Obviously it does not belong to, because my country has already canceled the factual marriage. As long as the two parties have not completed the marriage registration procedures, they will be regarded as no marriage.

Secondly, the Women’s Rights Protection Law stipulates that women have the right to give birth to children in accordance with relevant state regulations, and they also have the freedom of fertility.

In other words, in this situation, Xiaomin can choose to give birth to the child, or you can choose to kill it. One thing to pay attention to is that from the moment the child is born, even if the child belongs to a non -marriage child, it will alsoWithout affecting its rights and obligations, Luo, as a child of his child, still has to pay the support fee regularly.

Furthermore, the Civil Code stipulates that those who infringe on his people’s rights and interests shall bear the liability for infringement.In this case, the two sides of the cohabitation department were voluntary behavior, so they could not believe that the man had faults and violated the woman’s rights.

Of course, based on the fair principles of the Civil Code, if Xiaomin eventually chooses a miscarriage, Luo should give compensation as appropriate.So how do you think of this, please leave a comment and exchange.

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