When can Motherwort be eaten?

Motherwort, also known as: 茺, 茺 Wei, Kuncao, Jiuzhonglou, Motherwort, Sente [1], Latin scientific name: Leonurus Artemisia (LAUR.) S. Y. HU F. It is a plant of the lip -shaped family and motherwort, blooming in summer.The above part of its drying ground is commonly used Chinese medicine, and most of China is produced, and it is used or used.Most of the one -year or two -year herbal is distributed in most parts of the country, born in mountains and wasteland, fields, grassland, etc.It is picked when the flowers grow lush flowers in the summer, and the taste is hard, cool, blood circulation, removing stasis, regulating menstruation, and water elimination.Below, hematuria, diarrhea, bloated and sores.

The role of motherwort is beneficial to urine and swelling and shrinking the uterine. It is a medicine for medical diseases to treat gynecological diseases in all ages.

Motherwort can be completely grassy medicine, and the effective ingredients are motherwort. Motherwort contains vycosine, paddy soda, motherwort, and motherwort ning.

The motherwort preparation has the effect of stimulating the animal’s uterus, similar to the posterior pituitary lobe, and the motherwort extract and decoction have a strong and long -lasting excitement for the uterus. It not only enhances its contraction, but also improves its tension and contraction rate.

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1. Ladies with symptoms such as amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, and irregular menstruation need to start taking motherwort in the first 7 days before menstruation, but when menstruation has arrived, it must be stopped.Internal use will lead to a large menstrual flow.

2. For women, motherwort is better to take in the early stages of giving birth, because after women’s birth, the uterus has not fully recovered, and it is susceptible to uterine inflammation. Motherwort can promote uterine contraction.There are adverse effects.It should be noted that you must not take it during pregnancy.

3. After the abortion of women, you can also use nourishment to nourish the body. At this time, taking motherwort can promote uterine contraction, excrete the embryo tissue, reduce vaginal bleeding, and shorten the bleeding time.

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