When did the fetal movement start?Generally speaking, at this time range

Many mothers will be very careful for the first time of pregnancy, and they know nothing about things during pregnancy, especially when fetal movement, mothers will be more panicked, and some mothers just feel pain in their stomachs and do not know that they are fetal movements.So it is best to understand when the first fetal movement is.

When the fetus was seven to eight weeks, she started to move in her mother’s stomach, but at that time, the fetus was very small, and the action was very small. When she encountered the uterine wall in the amniotic fluid, the mother could not perceive.When the baby is larger, the limbs will gradually form, and at the same time, it will increase a certain amount of power. In the process of limb activity, the possibility of encountering the uterine wall is greatly increased, and the expectant mothers naturally feel the fetal movement movement.Essence

However, some mothers can feel the fetal movement after more than 20 weeks of pregnancy. Only the fat or placenta position may be affected by the mother’s abdomen. At about 30 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal movement will perform the most.Therefore, the mother should wait patiently. If there is no fetal movement in more than 30 weeks, it should be checked in time.

1. The feeling of initial fetal movement

The beginning of the fetal movement is because the baby has just touched the uterine wall, so it will feel lighter. The fetal movement will become stronger as the baby grows up, and it will also be more regular.

2, 20 to 24 weeks of fetal movement feel

Twenty weeks later, the fetus will become active, the frequency of fetal movement will gradually increase, and the amplitude of fetal movement will increase.

3, 24 to 28 weeks of fetal movement feel

At about 24 to 28 weeks, the fetus will have normal physiological activities. There will be a fixed sleep and wake -up time, and the fetus can already feel the sound of the outside world. After the fetus wakes up and stimulates it, it will be beating.

1. The abdominal wall of pregnant women is thin

The premature time of fetal movement is not normal. It is caused by some reasons. If the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman is thinner, it will be more sensitive to the fetus, so it will feel earlier than the normal pregnant woman’s fetal movement.

2. Small amniotic fluid

The baby moves in the uterus that lacks amniotic fluid, and the probability of kicking to the uterine wall will be a bit higher, and it will be particularly sensitive to fetal movements.

3. The sensitivity of pregnant women is better

Some pregnant women have high sensitivity to pain, and they can feel a little bit of pain. Even slight fetal movements can be felt.

4. There is sufficient experience in pregnant women

If it is a mother of the second child, she has certain experience, and in contrast, the ability to distinguish the fetal movement will be stronger.

Fetal movements are normal, but some pregnant women have too much fetal movement, and pregnant women will be particularly painful.There will be different fetal movements at different times, and expectant mothers must learn to adapt.

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