When feeding the dogs, please be careful!

No matter what kind of dogs, they have a soft spot for bones and meat, and the danger is exactly hidden in it!

▼ The 11 -year -old Gili ate dried duck neck snacks and kept diarrhea. She was trembling and settled until she took it to the hospital to find the fragments of the duck neck to block the intestine.Essence

▼ The owner said that it was such a snack. I didn’t expect a dried duck neck to lose her dog.

Because the bone fragments block the cases such as the intestinal tract, I have said it countless times before, and I must attract high attention from the owner. In addition to the bone fragments, there is something that you are feeding dogs every day.Accident.

▼ The hospital received a special case. A golden retriever’s jaw was stuck by the pig bone and the golden retriever looked weak and painful.

The bone card is very tight. With some efforts of the doctor, the bones finally split the bones. Fortunately, except for some skin trauma in the jaw, there is no danger to life.

However, if the owner did not discover any dangerous behavior of the dog in a hurry because of his jaw, the consequences were unimaginable.Is it really impossible to bones at all?

Previously, some shoveling officers said that it was all pets coquettish and rough meat. It ’s okay. Do n’t lift what kind of things like raising the bars. Why do you eat the bones?And some dogs will have problems with eating.

Please have nothing to do with the tenderness, but it is related to the age of dogs.

These dogs are not recommended to feed bones

Puppies don’t bother

The puppy did not change the solid teeth

Do not chew your bones and swallow it directly

The chance of damage is naturally high

Elderly dogs don’t feed

Elderly dog physical function degradation

The ability to bite is weakened and eats dates.

Just like the first case in front

Elderly dogs can’t stand even more damage

Do not feed

Some small breeds

They do not have the strong bite force of hunting dogs

And the ability enough to chew the bone

Pregnant dogs don’t feed

Dogs during pregnancy

To ensure that dogs and fetuses are safe

No possible accidents cannot be available

Unless, you are really so confident

These dogs can feed bones

Chew slowly, you can feed

Some dogs are impatient

Eat and swallow jujube without chewing

Try not to feed your bones as much as possible

Some dogs eat slowly

For example, my dog is

Even the bones can be chewed and swallowed

Hunter bite force can be fed

Some medium and large hunting dogs

They have enough ability to chew their bones

It can also be said that they are born for hunting

This type of dog is okay to feed bones

But again, try to choose a round bone of bulls for the dogs as much as possible. Do n’t choose the bones of chickens, ducks, and geese.As for some people say that feeding dogs can be fed, but they must pay attention to hygiene and germs to regularly do insect deworming in their bodies.

However, I still don’t recommend feeding bone and flesh. It is very easy to infect parasitic pathogenic bacteria, and the gifted gangs in the bone that causes fetal malformations.

In the end, if you want to show a slightly more important thing, you must break the bamboo sticks to eat barbecue skewers at home.

▼ This Benge swallowed the bamboo sticks of the skewers (although I don’t know how it did) (but it is possible for the greedy dog) and the host paid more than 50,000 for this.Yuan’s surgical fee almost lost his dog.

▼ Bamboo sign has pierced diaphragm and lungs

▼ The complete bamboo stick taken out after the operation is successful

Watching this sharp bamboo stick owner is really afraid of it, so long snacks, everyone, for greedy dogs, you really can’t imagine how much moth it can give you!

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