When I was 3 months pregnant, my husband fell in love with others and insisted on divorcing me

The reader’s letter said:

My husband and I met and got married. When I got married, I was 29 years old and my husband was 4 years older than me.To tell the truth, there is no strong magnetic field between my husband and I, or I feel that the age is there, and we should explain to the parents, the world, and each other.Flash marriage.

After marriage, my dissatisfaction with my husband is mainly manifested in these aspects: 1) I don’t like to do housework; 2) I did not plan when doing things.My husband’s dissatisfaction with me is mainly manifested in these aspects: 1) I think I am too much to treat him; 2) I think my temper is a little irritable.As a result: We often quarrel and often the Cold War.

Later, the consensus we reached: In order to have our children, try to have less quarrels and more tolerance in the process of running a marriage.In this case, our feelings have been stable for several months.Unfortunately, when I was 3 months pregnant, my husband proposed a divorce to me. The husband admitted that he now encountered a woman who was more suitable in his cognition and stipulated that he lived with me too painful.

In fact, during my life with my husband, I also asked myself countless times: I was really happy in the marriage of a magnetic field without a strong love.Now that my husband has denied our relationship, I can only give it full with divorce.

I remember that when my husband accompanied me to the hospital to deal with my child, my mood was calm.My true thought at the time: In the face of a person who doesn’t love me, I don’t need to bring an innocent life to this world.After I handled my child and regulate my body for a month, my husband and I went through the divorce procedures.

After the divorce, I was unwilling to bear the nagging from my parents. I simply rented an apartment near our unit and opened a person’s life.During the period, I thought about a lot of future: If I can’t meet the people I like each other, I will no longer enter the siege again because of the secular and my parents’ remarks.

Muzi Li Emotional Analysis:

Regarding marriage, everyone will give different views based on their own personal experience. During this time, only a few people think that their marriage life is happy. Although most people do not have the idea of divorce, they still feel that their lives are in a place in their lives.For chic feathers, some people finally walked out of the city because they could not bear the grievances in marriage.Of course, there are some people, because they feel unhappy from their parents’ marriage life, or they feel quarrels or divorce from the marriage life of the people around them, or have failed love experiences, or they have not encountered themselvesThe impulsive marriage leads to these people still alone.The key is that not everyone can get along well with loneliness, because after a long time, they will feel suffering.

In the marriage market, people often value two indicators: face value and ability to make money.To this end, a marriage with a low danger index should be the right door.Because with a similar experience and a similar environment, it will make them relatively easy to reach consensus at the level of life.After all, sometimes marriage contradictions are precipitated in trivial matters.Of course, if a person’s looks make yourself feel disgusted, do not walk into the siege in order to get married, because people are visual animals, and when the opponent’s appearance is not in their own aesthetic system, they will feel blocked when they see the other party.To this end, there must be the minimum magnetic field between the marriage object.To be honest: It is difficult to find a relatively satisfactory marriage object. Even so, it should not be too hasty.

When you divorce your husband, you will definitely have regrets, but you don’t have heartache.Your regret comes from: 1) Your husband is the sponsor of divorce, making you somewhat faceless; 2) Because your husband’s existence, you have experienced your marriage and abortion.The reason why you are not so heartbroken is because: 1) During your life with your husband, you also feel that living with each other is a bit awkward; 2) In this relationship, you do not harvest your expectations of your expectations at all.It is just that divorce is an unwillingness to show off, and after the divorce, your parents also give you a lot. In this case, you choose to live alone.It is a space for yourself to create a clean ears.During this period, you will have a new plan for your future life.

You need to understand the principle of life: 1) Don’t feel that it is a more windy behavior without going to go unusual, because as an ordinary person, you need to live step by step; 2) The reason why you are single now isIf you are at the bottom, if your parents leave the world, you will find that there is no one who really helps you, you will be alone; 3) We will always find some spiritual support for ourselves for a lifetime.And the child is his most powerful spiritual support; 4) A person’s life may feel comfortable at some point, but those who can really accompany loneliness are not ordinary people, which means that not everyone can be well goodGet along with loneliness and harmony.

Marriage itself is beautiful, or so many people think that there are so many people who want to squeeze into the siege.In the process of operating marriage, there will definitely be quarrels due to differences between husband and wife.For this reason, in the process of business marriage, we should have the spirit of dedication, and do not be lazy to do it, let alone selfishness and dual standards.When you are willing to pay in your marriage and get the corresponding response from your lover, don’t be too picky about marriage life.Of course, marriage is not the product of the safe. If you find that each other’s three views are different after getting married, and the other party is more at ease, or the other party holds himself as his ancestor. In the face of such an unreliable other half, you need to let yourself let yourself in time.Pull off from the siege.

There are also a lot of other people in life about marriage: their qualifications are average, but the requirements for the other half are relatively high.Pick.To this end, everyone needs to have a more objective understanding of themselves before choosing a marriage object.Furthermore, another cruel reality: those who are unmarried and do not reject marriage life, at least have some awareness of self -reflection in the links between people.Those who are too picky about the other half may be the main reason they are left.Regarding the object of marriage, a word often hear: Ning Que.What I want to say is that finding a lover who is 100 % satisfactory or at all is unrealistic. To this end, in the process of getting along with people, we must have the minimum tolerance.

Editor’s words:

At least 60%of the people in the city feel that their current marriage life is unhappy. It does not rule out that some of the people with unstable positions are finally out of the city when the outsiders have ignited.I can’t change the possibility of remarry.To this end, regarding the operation of marriage, we must read more and the good love, and imagine what kind of state of life without a lover, at least do not interpret divorce into a game of every family.

When preferred to get married, don’t go to extremes, especially if you were relatively picky about the marriage object, but because he was old and faced too much pressure from the outside world, he gave up the review of the other half., I let myself walk into the siege.At least to give each other a time to understand each other, at least the two sides can reach an agreement at the three views.

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