When I was pregnant after "Shang Ring", the baby was born "holding a contraceptive ring", netizen: wait for her to grow up to marry her

When people do not want their children, they will use various methods for contraception. Among them, women’s rings are a more common way to contraceptive.

Many people think that this method is convenient and effective, so they choose this contraceptive method.

But in fact, no contraceptive method is 100 % safe. This does not see an example of this contraceptive method on the Internet, and when the child is born, the picture is full of joy.

There was a couple, who had already had a child, and did not intend to have a second child. Shortly after Dabao was born, the mother had surgery and placed a birthplace in the body.

As a result, the accident happened, and this mother became pregnant again a few years later.

When they got the news, the couple were very surprised, but thought that this was a gift from heaven after all, or decided to leave this child.

When the child was born, he chose a cesarean section. I did not expect that when the doctor opened his mother’s belly, he had to take out the baby and found that it was next to the placenta. This was the birth ring, and the doctor took it out by the way.

When my friend visited the child in the past, he saw this breeding ring, jokingly put it in the baby’s hand, let the baby hold it, took a picture, and sighed: It was really my life.

Many netizens saw this photo. After knowing this, they also teased, saying that the child was really lucky, and some said that they would wait for the child to grow up and marry her. I believe that it will bring good luck.

Of course, at the same time, some people began to worry about worrying that the contraceptive method of Shekuan was not as safe as expected.

The so -called "upper ring" is to place the in -palace internal in -women’s body through surgery to prevent sperm and eggs from encountering sperm and eggs, reducing the possibility of sperm to conceive eggs. It can also prevent the fertilized eggs from going to bed smoothly and achieve the purpose of contraception.

In fact, no matter what kind of contraceptive method is selected in daily life, the success rate of contraception is not 100 %, and it is still the possibility of pregnancy when the ring is on the ring.

Generally speaking, there may be several reasons for the reason why the ring on the ring is still pregnant:

1. It may be related to the physical fitness physical fitness

Everyone’s constitution is different. Some people are very easy to get pregnant. It can be said that it is easy to get pregnant. Of course, some people are less likely to get pregnant. They need a child to go through a lot of effort.

It is still pregnant after going to the ring, which may be related to me.

2. The birth ring time is too long, and it has expired

Many people know the use of the internal birthplaces of the palace, but few people may know that there is also a period of use in the birthplace.

If it exceeds the period of use, its contraceptive effect will be greatly reduced, and even a great threat to personal health.

3. The position of the ring has changed

The third reason for the failure of contraceptives is that the position of the birthplace in the palace has changed.

It may be because the operation of the ring is improper, which causes the ring to fall off and move down the movement position. It may also be that the quality of the ring is not available and a break.

For contraception in the method of breeding ring, although it is relatively convenient, there are still many problems. In order to avoid this situation of the shift due to the shift, it is best to pay attention to the hospital for examination on time.Generally, it is necessary to check once in the first month, third month, and sixth month, and then once a year.

In essence, placing the birthplace in the palace not only has the risk of pregnancy, but also causes some damage to women’s bodies. Therefore, it must be checked on time according to the requirements of the doctor and pay attention to the useful life.

In addition, in addition to the way of Sheung Wan, there are many other contraceptive methods to choose from. You can choose carefully after weighing the pros and cons of your own situation.

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