When I was pregnant, I grew abalone, my mother -in -law bought herring, went to the restaurant to relieve her mobile phone and returned, crying

Who does not want her husband to be favored and the mother -in -law is kindly treated. Many families have broken marriage because of poor relationship between mother -in -law and aunts?If girls can encounter a reasonable mother -in -law and the understanding of the unrefined aunt, how happy it should be?

Mengmeng is an employee of a public institution. She has a stable income, high face value, and high figure, attracting many boys around her to pursue her, but she did not look at it. She knew the family conditions and generally looks like a blind date.

Xiao Liu’s father died in his early years. His mother raised him and his sister, because he was afraid that a pair of children would be wronged, and the mother never remarried.Xiao Liu’s family conditions are very average, and there is also a sister to be married. Mengmeng does not care about this at all. She believes that love and bread are more important than love. As long as two people work hard to make money, they can have what they want.Life.

Mom and dad persuaded her that daughter, poor couples, must be cautious in marriage. We don’t want you to suffer. I hope you can listen to our opinions, don’t do it alone.

Mengmeng said, I do n’t live well in the future, I admit it, do n’t worry about you.In this way, Mengmeng chose to get married without a gift and the down payment, and lived with her mother -in -law and aunt after marriage.

The mother -in -law decorated the old house and poured out a large bedroom for them to be a wedding room.My mother -in -law got up every day for breakfast, Mengmeng was off work, and she had dinner when she entered the house. The mother -in -law did not need to do housework. She said that she was too tired to go to work. She needed to rest when she went home.

Husband cares for Mengmeng. Mengmeng wants to eat with her husband first, and her husband told her mother -in -law to arrange immediately.My mother -in -law is very frugal when she is 60. She is reluctant to buy. Her husband is working as a mother -in -law. Mengmeng is the baby of his parents at home. The same is true at our house. The money should be flower.

In order to buy a house early, her husband went to sell, and his income was getting higher and higher. Seeing more and more deposits, Mengmeng was very happy.Although her mother -in -law is very good to her, she wants to have a two -person world.Husband said that we will be the down payment for another two years, and then we will buy a house to move out.

The aunt got along well with Mengmeng. She bought a skirt and bought a different color for her aunt. The aunt was very happy.The little aunt’s birthday, Mengmeng gave her a red envelope; her birthday, her aunt sent her a red envelope and asked her to dinner.

Mengmeng helped the little aunt to introduce 3 boyfriends, and the blind date failed. The aunt was unwilling. She said that she had no eyes!Not in a hurry!

Mengmeng is pregnant, her husband is often busy, sometimes overtime, and go home at 9 pm.He couldn’t accompany Mengmeng, Mengmeng felt very lost. Fortunately, her aunt accompanied her to take a walk, buy snacks for her, and accompany her for a production inspection!

That day, Mengmeng suddenly remembered that when the New Year, the mother -in -law made a red -roasted abalone, and she told her mother -in -law, mom, I would eat braised abalone at night.My mother -in -law said, OK, I go to the Caishe City to buy it, and then make a braised abalone for you, and eat it when you enter the house after get off work!

Mengmeng was full of joy, looking forward to it for a day. When she got off work, she opened the door cheerfully. After washing her hands, she went to the kitchen. She found that her mother -in -law did not make braised abalone. She bought 5 sour fish and did not do it yet!

Mengmeng was very disappointed. To my mother -in -law, I went out to eat, and then left.

After going downstairs, Mengmeng walked out of the community and found that the mobile phone was forgotten, and then went home to get it.I was about to open the door and found that there was a voice in the house. She didn’t open the door and stood at the door of the anti -theft door to overheard.After listening to her crying.

"Mom, didn’t the sister -in -law say that in the morning, do you want to eat red -roasted abalone? How do you stew the cattle, I think the sister -in -law went out, his face was not good -looking, it seemed to cry!"

"Isn’t this? I just want to go to the food market to buy vegetables. Your aunt Sun asked me to play mahjong. Three lacks, I went, ready to buy it for a while, and then I will win. They will not let me go.At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, my vegetables got away and went to the vegetable market to buy abalone. The boss said that it was gone. The catfish was quite fresh. You bought a cattle! I bought 5 somatisters.Want to call her and find that she had forgotten the phone call, do you want me to rectify? "

"Mom, how hard my sister -in -law is pregnant. She said what to eat must be arranged immediately. You can pour it, but if you don’t buy abalone, you will go to Mahjong. If I meet a mother -in -law like you in the future, you must not be distressed.Don’t do this! "

"I promise, there is no second time, I will call my son, let him go to the seafood hotel to buy a braised abalone!"

"I’ll buy it directly, my brother is too busy, there must be no time."

When I heard this, I was so moved. It turned out that this was the case. I blame me to be too wayward. I thought that my mother -in -law couldn’t bear to eat it for me. I opened the door into the house. My aunt said, Xunzi, wait for me, I will come back immediately.

My mother -in -law said, I’m sorry for her daughter -in -law, playing mahjong delaying the matter. It is not an example. I will stir -fry 2 greens, and we will have a meal when the daughter comes back.

The aunt returned quickly and bought a braised abalone. The taste was better than the mother -in -law made. I ate 2 rice rice and happiness was bursting!

I am fortunate to meet my husband with strong heart, the mother -in -law who changes the wrong, and the understanding of the aunt, should everyone bless me?(Text/Wu Mengmeng)

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