When I was pregnant, I was beaten to the hospital. I wanted to kill my child, but the doctor did not recommend that I like this

In the face of domestic violence, my first suggestion was divorce.After all, most of the people with domestic violence have no love for you, even if they are, they are also deformed love that are implemented through violence.

Some people ask me, if I have been stuck by my husband’s family, and at this time, I just happen to be pregnant, or I still can’t get rid of the child’s kind. What should I do?

In fact, a woman is not as sad as she is pregnant. She can’t live her parents and relatives.In addition to our loved ones, we can also rely on our best girlfriends and friends. In short, these are much better than a man who relies on a domestic violence.Looking at the messages of several netizens, they will tell you that as a woman, should you divorce if you face domestic violence?

Netizen 1: I was violent by my husband when I was confinement!All this is her sister provoked right and wrong!She has been like this since I was pregnant!I quarreled with my husband every day, and even my husband hit me!I thought it would be good to have a child, but who knows that my husband has intensified!I cried for a month while confinement!After my mother took me home, I divorced decisively!Now the child is seven years old!Never glance at it!Our mother is doing well now, and I also found the one who loves me and my son!

Netizen 2: When I was pregnant, my mother -in -law was sick and hospitalized. At that time, my husband was working, and I was alone at home.I vomit all kinds of uncomfortable every day, so I go back to my parents.Once I came from home to see her mother -in -law, she thought I didn’t take care of her, but because my husband hit me, I was angry and I went home again.Later, I didn’t want to live with him, getting a fetal, but the child was four months old, and my body could not stand it. It is recommended that I do not want to get a fetus.Think about it now. Fortunately, I did not kill the child at the time. After all, the child was innocent. That was also a life. Now I live with those who really love me. The family of three lives very happy.

Netizen 3: My husband is brutal. I hit me before the confinement ex -husband, and his mother and sister looked at the door without stopping her son to hit me.I was beaten for eight years, and the child had no divorce at that time.In the end, I couldn’t bear it. I chose to divorce. I left the devil’s home. I took my son for more than ten years with my son. Now that the child graduated from work, I also found my happiness!My husband is very good to my son and take good care of me. It can be said that I am very satisfied now!

Netizen 4: I was also beaten to a week of hospital!For the child’s not leaving!Just go well!Ten months have passed, and the child is born, and the mother -in -law and the three aunts have no greetings at a glance!Some time ago, my husband said that his aunt had a funeral!Tell me to pass, I just don’t give him face and aunt, but I didn’t go!Because her husband worked outside, she didn’t tell me in person, but let my husband tell me.When I was going to wait for my child’s one -year -old birthday, I took the child away and gave them a surprise!

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