When killing the chicken, a large piece of butter was thrown away or eaten?

At the Chinese dining table, chickens are essential delicious. Even in some places, eating chicken has become a culture, such as Texas, Shandong Texas Chicken and Zaozhuang Spicy Chicken, Guangdong’s White Chicken Chicken, Hunan Spicy Chicken, Xinjiang’s XinjiangThe layout chicken, Yunnan’s steamed chicken, and so on.

Moreover, the chicken itself is rich in nutrients. The sick people drink more chicken soup, and pregnant people can also drink more chicken soup. It can enhance physical resistance. When thinking of supplements, first think of various stewed chickens.

Eating chicken will naturally kill chickens. When you kill chickens, you will find that there is a yellow thing in the chicken belly, and it is real weight. After taking it out, the chickens are much lighter. Many people think that they are deceived.Otherwise, it is called the "butter" of chicken.

So how does chicken butter come from?

1. Chicken variety.

Usually the chickens on the market are all kinds of feed chickens, and butter will only appear on earth chicken.Therefore, if the butter was found in the chicken belly, it means that the chicken product is good and nutrition is rich.

2. Food for chicken.

There is butter in the chicken belly. It is definitely not possible to eat feed. Only feeding rough grains such as rice, corn and freezing when you eat bugs and wild vegetables to grow butter.And eating these growing chickens, taste and nutrition are very good.

3. The time for chickens to be fed.

There will be no butter through hormone -long chickens. Only when the chickens grow normally, but the chickens will grow butter.And the longer the growth cycle, the more butter naturally.

In fact, the most important thing is that butter can be stewed with chicken with chicken. There is no need to add any condiments. Wash the butter and put it in the chicken soup. The chicken soup that is slowly stewed is very delicious.Orange orange flowers are really appetizing, and nutrition is particularly rich.

Therefore, if you see a piece of butter in the chicken belly when killing the chicken, don’t rush to throw it away. If you try to stew it together, you will definitely give you a different surprise.

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