When my aunt is left, it is the same room. Is it a safe period to be contraceptive?Doctor: There is no benefit, you must endure

In the folk, there is such a ridiculous words, I would rather believe that there is a GUI in the world, and I can’t believe the man’s mouth. This sentence is more used on the relationship between men and women.Social surveys have shown that many girls’ accidents are not because of their insufficient awareness of contraception, but because they believe that men’s mouths are too much, and they can not compromise "mistakes".Among them, the safety period is the hardest hit area. Many men can’t bear the loneliness. They just walk together when the woman and aunt go. It is said that it is safe at this time, but it is even more dangerous!

I am afraid that many women have encountered it, because they can’t hold the man’s soft and hard bubbles, and the result is a big mistake!Many gynecologists have also called on female friends many times to protect themselves and not to agree so easily. They are more responsible for their own health. The main reasons are as follows:

First of all, there is no so -called absolute safety period. From the perspective of many female friends, the easiest to calculate the safety period is "the first seven and the eight", which meansThose who do not ovulate are therefore a safe period.But in fact, this is not reliable. First of all, women’s menstruation is generally irregular. This is not unusual. Many factors will affect her, such as stress, sleep, diet, disease, and so on.

Secondly, male tadpoles are also very "tenacious" in women, and they generally have a life span of about 5 days in women’s body.In the subsequent days, women may be early due to various reasons, and they are likely to be hit by "lurking" sperm.Therefore, there is no so -called absolute safety period, let alone this point cannot be easily believed in men’s mouth, and even you cannot trust your body.

Finally, aside from the accidental pregnancy, my aunt was together as soon as she walked, and it was also damaged to physical health!The reason is very simple. At this time, the cervix mouth has not been completely closed, and the wound has not completely healed. At this time, the endometrium is still being repaired.At this time, if there is no protection measures, it is easy to bring the germs in, causing infection!All kinds of gynecological inflammation followed, and the only one who suffered by that was.It can be said that it is harmful but no benefit, you must learn to refuse!

I am the Medical Category. Because of the special physiological structure, girls are more likely to be attacked by external bacterial viruses than men. Therefore, we must pay attention to this point and protect themselves.The gynecologist suggested that the insurance should be considered after 3 days after the aunt is completely clean.Then, if there is no planning plan, we must take contraceptive measures.Remember?Finally, if you think the article is useful, don’t forget to like it and forward it to the family and friends around you. Thank you for your support (the pictures of this article are from the Internet, please contact it if you have any infringement, thank you)

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