When my mother is pregnant, a series of changes will occur in the liver

Everyone is no stranger to pregnancy. Everyone comes out of the mother’s belly. Everyone may set up their own family in the future and have their own babies.

When my mother is pregnant, we all know that the body and psychology will change some columns.However, not everyone knows that when the mother is pregnant, there will be some columns of the liver.

During medicine, pregnancy is called "pregnancy". The function of liver during pregnancy will occur in a series of physiological changes. These physiological changes can cause liver diseases that are unique to the liver.Let’s get to know it.

Patients with cholesticidal stasis in the liver of pregnancy will first develop symptoms of skin itching, most of which appear in the 28-30 gestational week.Twin pregnancy is more common than a single pregnancy.Symptoms of jaundice and itching are then appeared. The symptoms of postpartum itching and jaundice can be disappeared, and the pregnancy can be recurred again.Generally, there will be no chronic liver disease, which can be cured in most cases after giving birth.

It should be noted that the pregnancy of choleneasca stasis in the liver of pregnancy is greater to the fetus, which can cause sudden death in the fetus, premature birth, and unpredictable fetal dying in the fetus.

Acute fatty liver is also known as "pregnancy -oriented fatty liver" and "obstetric acute pseudo -yellow liver atrophy". It is a rare disease clinically.The disease is urgent, and the condition develops rapidly. It is more common in the 35 weeks of pregnancy and is accompanied by hypertension, twin and male fetuses during pregnancy.

The clinical disease of pregnancy acute fatty liver is manifested in the early stages of persistent nausea, vomiting, fatigue, abdominal pain, pain, etc.After a few days to 1 week, an exacerbation of jaundice can occur, and the upper abdomen can be diffuse pain.Patients often experience symptoms of proteinuria, edema, and hypertension. The disease can develop symptoms such as coagulation dysfunction, gastrointestinal bleeding, hypoglycemia, conscious disorder, hepatic encephalopathy, and renal failure.

Pregnancy can be combined with acute and chronic liver disease, of which common diseases are based on various types of acute viral hepatitis.

Female pregnancy can increase the infringement of various viruses and toxins on the liver; lack of liver nutrition during pregnancy, which increases the necrosis of liver cells, which affects the regeneration and repair of liver cells; decreased blood glucose, sugar tolerance, and reduced liver glycogen., To further increase the nutritional disorders of the liver; the level of hormone levels of women during pregnancy changes, making fats easily deposit in the liver; the cholesterol and triam glycerin content in pregnant women during pregnancy increases.; Some columns of complications during pregnancy can affect the liver’s nutritional intake, exacerbate liver cell necrosis, exacerbate liver ischemia and hypoxia.

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