When pregnant women meet Sanfu Tian, they just want to drink ice porridge and air conditioner for 20 degrees!Reminder: Don’t be too hot no matter how hot

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Fu Tian is really too hot. For normal people, it is uncomfortable, let alone a pregnant woman who is "a small furnace in the belly."It will not eat well, sleep well, and feel bad, but even if nothing is good, you should pay attention to the aspects of your attention, good for your own health and the fetus in your stomach.

How are pregnant women who are afraid of heat, what can I feel hot when Sanfu Tian can be hot?Let’s take a look at the two pregnant mothers.

@: 38 weeks of pregnancy, I have to sleep at 24 degrees of air conditioner, otherwise the hot will not sleep well.

@小: It’s 32 weeks now. I have two clothes wet every day. I have to take a bath before nap. Otherwise, I always feel that I have fallen off., I stole 20 degrees, and I am really afraid of hotness.

Pregnant mothers who have experienced or are experiencing must feel the same.

In the middle and late pregnancy, I was afraid of heat. If you encounter Sanfu Tian again, you really sweat all the time. You must stay in the air -conditioned room every day. When you come out, you will feel stuffy, breathless, and even a little hypoxia.

❤Dyeing Mom Suggestion: Don’t blow directly in the air conditioner if you are hot

Whether it is sleeping during the day or at night, even if it is hot, the temperature can be turned on at an appropriate temperature, but it is not recommended to blow straight.

The continuous "cold wind" stimulates the surface of the body, and it is prone to cold pain and numbness. For example, blowing the head with blowing headaches may have a headache. If you continue to blow the lower legs, you may have leg pain.It’s easy to be cold.

For pregnant women, staying in the air -conditioned room to blow air conditioning, it is also easy to increase the edema of the legs and feet. Therefore, we must avoid sitting for a long time and often get up to move.

In addition, when turning on the air conditioner, you should also pay attention to opening the windows and ventilation, monitor the humidity of the room, clean the air conditioner regularly, and wear long -sleeved jackets when turning on the air conditioner.

@小: Hainan is hot into a dog. It turns on the air conditioner for 24 hours. It is so hot that there is no appetite. I really do n’t know what to eat and I ca n’t eat it!You can only eat less meals.

@: The whole person was uncomfortable in the early pregnancy, vomited hungry, and vomited after eating, and when he went out for a while, he felt boring. The air -conditioned room stayed for too long and was uncomfortable.It was much more comfortable to drink a large bowl of cold porridge.

This is the illusion of "very aggressiveness" when you are pregnant.

But it is really uncomfortable, as the pregnant mothers said in front of them, all kinds of discomfort, but different from the state of illness.

Early pregnancy may be due to early pregnancy. Whether you eat or eat or not, you always want to vomit, you want to vomit everything, you want to vomit without eating.

In the middle and late pregnancy, as the fetus gradually grows up, the uterus "expands the site" upward, which will also affect gastrointestinal function, making pregnant mothers feel heartburn and no appetite.

Throughout pregnancy, all kinds of foods every day are like movies, but they do n’t want to eat them. Occasionally, they have been talking about a certain food. They are also banned by their families.

❤Dyeing Mom Suggestion: ① Don’t eat cold if you heat up again

When it is hot, I always want to eat some cool down cooling, fruits, ice drinks, ice cream, popsicles …

Pregnant women are special crowds. Considering the baby in the stomach, coupled with the weakening of gastrointestinal function after pregnancy, it is not recommended to eat cold food.

It is not suitable to eat, and it is easy to cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. Maybe you have to toss to the hospital. If you are uncomfortable, you will be worried about you and the whole family.

② It is best not to eat spicy, barbecue, and roadside stalls without appetite

In the summer, in addition to beer, there are barbecue, spicy crayfish, and various roadside stalls, which makes people want to stop.

But for pregnant women, these are also "black list foods", and it is best not to eat it.

Once it is not clean and unhygienic;

Second, many additives and seasonings may be added;

Third, it may not be familiar with or cook repeatedly, and it is not healthy.

If you really talk, you can buy fresh ingredients and cook at home, but try to make lightly, add less seasonings, and be familiar.

@小: With a big belly of 34 weeks a day, it is inconvenient to move during the day, it is inconvenient to sleep at night, the left side of the right side is uncomfortable. Every time I turn around, I have a pubic pain. I am not so hot in the middle of the night.The baby wakes up!Looking at her husband who slept like a pig next to him, I really wanted to wake him up!

After the middle of pregnancy, sleeping is also a big problem. The increasing belly is inherently inconvenient. In addition, it is always worried that the baby will be pressed into the belly. The posture will be uncomfortable and nervous.

If there is a pregnant mother who has pubic pain or low back pain, let alone say it. Now it is Futian. I feel like it is sour+pain+frequent fetal movements+sweating. I must not sleep well.

❤Dyeing Mom Suggestion: ① Don’t sleep in the air conditioner if you can’t sleep well

It is hot to enter Futian. If there is an air conditioner at home, you can sleep and turn on the air conditioner, but the temperature should be appropriate. Don’t be too low. Don’t blow directly to the people to avoid getting headaches and getting sick.

When it is not so hot in the middle of the night, you can turn off the air conditioner and open the window to sleep.

② If you can’t sleep anymore, you must pay attention to the correct sleeping position

The sleeping position during pregnancy is particular, and many doctors recommend sleeping on the left side.In fact, if there are no special requirements, in the early and in the early pregnancy, other sleeping positions are available except not sleeping.

In the late pregnancy, you can sleep on the left and right to avoid sleeping on supine. This sleeping position may cause hypoxia for pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Pregnancy itself is not easy. If you catch up with summer, the temperature is high, the hot sweat is more sweating, it is even harder to have no appetite, poor sleep, and annoying mood!

What do you think is the most difficult to get pregnant in summer, diet, sleep or pregnancy performance during pregnancy. Welcome to vomit and share your experience suggestions.

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