When the child has a miscarriage, he can reimburse maternity insurance. Colleagues have got it.

Guide: Today I saw a friend and asked, "I have been pregnant for 8 weeks, check the fetal stopping, I want to be hospitalized for induction of labor, can I reimburse?"

Thinking of my colleagues, my colleague was pregnant unexpectedly that year. Because I was not prepared in advance, my body was not prepared, I had toothache after pregnancy, and I couldn’t bear the medication.In the middle of pregnancy, I can’t sleep well at night.After 6 months, I did a lot of abnormalities. Everything was good, but her toothache reached the point where she could not bear it.

One day, she came to see the tooth to see her teeth. I couldn’t stand it. I came back when I was optimistic.After waiting for two days, she did not come to sell leave.I thought about how this colleague was absent from work, and took the initiative to call her to contact, but no one answered.

Later, a strange phone came, and I took it up. It turned out to be a colleague’s husband.Her husband said that his colleagues were aborted and the child did not keep it.When I heard it was a thunderbolt, how did I have a good miscarriage?Her husband said that she took some medicine because of her toothache. She had a stomachache the next day. She had prescribed bones when she arrived at the hospital. The child did not breathe.

It was so surprised that I hurriedly notified the personnel, and my colleagues had to rest in maternity leave.The colleagues in charge of personnel are also a pregnant mother. She has a research on insurance, so she tells me to let colleagues prepare some materials and can reimburse some costs. Although not much, it is also money!I feel very beneficial to my colleagues. I usually earn 1,000 yuan, which can be reimbursed a little bit.

I told my colleagues in this way according to personnel colleagues:

If the pregnancy ending for 3 months is less than 5 months ending, the quota is 500 yuan

If the pregnancy is ended at less than 7 months of pregnancy, the number of pregnancy is 800 yuan

If pregnancy or childbirth is terminated for more than 7 months, the quota is 1,000 yuan

Abortion (including 2 months) abortion (including drug abortion) within 2 months of pregnancy is 200 yuan

If there is abortion within 2 months of pregnancy, the limit is 400 yuan

Abortation within 3 months of pregnancy is less than 4 months, and the limit is 600 yuan

For more than 4 months of pregnancy, abortion and induction of labor, the limit is 800 yuan

For less than 2 months of pregnancy, the maternity leave of drug abortion is 7 days. If the palace is implemented, the maternity leave is 15 days;

If you have a miscarriage of less than 2 months of pregnancy, the maternity leave is 20 days; if you have a miscarriage of less than 4 months of pregnancy, the maternity leave is 30 days

Abort and induction of labor for more than 4 months of pregnancy, 42 days of maternity leave

My colleague took a leave for several months, and only 42 days of maternity leave, which was paid for one month of insurance. Later insurance was paid by himself.

1. The employer pays for the employee for more than 1 year, and continues to pay for it; (that is, do not resign during this period)

2. Compliance with family planning policies.(Go to apply for a student permit)

1. Marriage certificate (copy of the original)

2. "Family Planning Service Manual" (original copy)

3. ID card (copy of the original)

4. Original "Diagnostic Certificate", charging vouchers (original), medical expenses details;

5. Social Security Card (copy of the original)

Within 40 days after the abortion end to one year, I must remember this time. Some colleagues were because the information was late and it was not reimbursed successfully.

Later, my colleagues prepared the materials in accordance with the above requirements and paid them in time. After a few months, I got it.

A friend left a message to me, this is unlikely, is it the Fortune 500 or civil servants?We are just a small private enterprise. The unit pays five insurances and one fund in accordance with regulations, but we can also report it.Therefore, if there is a miscarriage, you can consult the personnel department and reimburse it if you can reimburse.The new second child Bao Ma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, Qingyun plan winner, was invited by multiple platforms.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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