When the mother was in delivery, Grandpa Dream dreamed of a white turtle, who said: This child is the prime minister in the future.

From the perspective of the overall situation, Zhang Juzheng’s new policy is undoubtedly the most far -reaching and most successful reforms after the innovation of Shang Yang, Qin Shihuang and the Sui and Tang dynasties.The influence of Zhang Juzheng’s reform is not only manifested in his declining vibration, turning to turn the tide, and miraculously manifested in the northern Xinjiang Ga Ge into jade. To a certain extent, he alleviated the domestic class contradictions and national contradictions, and extended the national cricket of the Ming Dynasty …

During the Jiajing period, Zhang Juzheng Jinshi and the first set foot in the officialdom and started a political career for 30 years.

After entering the dynasty, Zhang Ju was stepped into Qingyun. During the Wanli period, he and the eunuch of Feng Bao jointly expelled Zuofu Gao Gong and became the Minister of the Ming Shenzong.Because the Emperor Wanli is not more than a matter, the large and small affairs of the DPRK need to be ruling with Zhang Juzheng. In the past ten years, he presided over a large number of political reforms and made Wanli dynasty flourishing.

Zhang Juzheng first strictly checked the privately hidden field production under the name of the township, and used the "one -whip method" to restrict it and adjust the taxation standards, which greatly changed the economic situation of the Wanli Chao Dynasty.In addition, he also used the outstanding generals such as Qi Jiguang to consolidate the frontiers’ defense, rectified military affairs, and died ten years later for the Emperor Wanli to pursue the pillar country.

Unfortunately, after his death, he was slandered by a group of political opponents, and the Zhang family was copied miserably.

Since the founding of Zhu Yuanzhang, the Ming Dynasty has experienced the wind, frost, rain and snow for more than 200 years.The palace will open the alchemy every day in the palace, and the smoke is angry.The emperor, who was able to be able to be immersed in the meritorious and ethics of the courtiers, and pursued the law of longevity in his heart.

Yan Song’s father and son blinded the holy listening, and took over the government, without evil.In this crisis, Zhang Ju, who was born in the people, was on the forefront of politics. With his courage and ability far beyond ordinary people, he revived the outline and made Daming, which was originally diverted.

Zhang Juzheng was born in a family of books. As early as Zhang Juzheng’s mother was in delivery, his grandfather had a strange dream: the moon fell into a basin, and the house was brought to the house.Climb out slowly from the basin.Grandpa Zhang Juzheng firmly believes that this little white turtle is his own baby’s great -grandson, so after Zhang Juzheng’s birth, he took a nickname "Bai Gui", hoping that one day Zhang Juzheng could be like the little turtle in the water basin.Guangzong Yaozu.

Zhang Juzheng did live up to expectations. When he was very young, he showed extraordinary wisdom and became a little prodigy in Jingzhou.When Zhang Juzheng was twelve years old, he was loved by Jingzhou Zhifu because of his talented talent, and Li Shizan specially renamed Zhang Juzheng for him. He hoped that this child would learn to serve the country with one.Four years later, Zhang Juzheng was in the middle, and the governor of Huguang witnessed his talents. He praised him very much and praised him: "This child is a material for being a prime minister."

After that, the governor of Huguang also personally unbuttoned the rhino horn belt and gave it to Zhang Juzheng. Ding Ding said: "I hope you can show his wings and not be confessed to be a young man." Seven years later, Zhang Juzheng really entered Half -foots and stepped in half of his feet.Officialdom.So why is it half a foot?It turned out that Zhang Juzheng was the second place in the second year.

During the three years of studying in Hanlin Academy, Zhang Juzheng was favored by Xu Jie, a cabinet, and Xu Jie. Under the guidance of Xu Jie, Zhang Juzheng worked hard to cultivate the country and laid a solid foundation for the officialdom in the future.At this time, the cabinet’s first assistant Yan Songzheng and the political opponent Xia Yan could not start. As a newcomer, Zhang Juzheng did not participate in this political struggle. Instead, he calmly reviewed the situation. At this timeComplete understanding.

Zhang Juzheng’s thick accumulation, with a volume of "On the Times and Political Comb", explained the general trend of the reform, but unfortunately, it was ignored by the emperor.After that, Zhang Juzheng was deeply frustrated and simply asked for sick leave to return home to cultivate.During the three -year vacation, Zhang Juzheng was placed between the people of Li Min and experienced the suffering of the world in the field. After three years of recuperation, Zhang Juzheng returned to the court and participated in the government.In the constant dark contest, Zhang Juzheng gradually eliminated dissidents.

With the successor of the Ming Shenzong, Zhang Juzheng and the eunuch Feng Bao, who was in the concubine of the harem, will be expelled from the political core by the name of "dictatorship", and officially became the leading minister of the unique power.Zhang Ju was bowing for Daming. He had not returned home and met his father’s side for nineteen years. After his father’s death, he was busy or even had time to keep filial piety.Zhang Juzheng, who worked hard day and night, couldn’t afford to get sick in the nine years of Wanli. It didn’t take long for him to leave the Jiangshan Society and the little emperor who was cultivating and cultivated.

Zhang Juzheng was buried in Jiangling, which could make Zhang Juzheng Han under Jiuquan’s heart that he had a merit of his life for the country and the people, but brought his family to the end of his family.

Zhang Juzheng’s reform was beneficial to the country, but it touched the fundamental interests of certain bureaucratic classes.After his death, this group of damaged officials launched revenge on their descendants and listed Zhang Juzheng’s crimes to Shenzong.Ming Shenzong has long been suppressed in the strict discipline of Zhang Juzheng’s perennial year. Zhang Juzheng died. Ming Shenzong, the emperor, who had long been under the jurisdiction of Zhang Juzheng, immediately ordered Zhang Fu to copy his family, and the "crime" of Zhang Juzheng was public.Unexpected disaster.

It wasn’t until the second year of the Apocalypse that the great hero who was the country and the people was able to sink to be wronged.country.

Zhang Juzheng’s former residence is located in the east gate of the ancient city of Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. An ancient city of Jingzhou has been named after Zhang Juzheng’s long -standing streets. As the name suggests, Zhang Juzheng’s former residence is on this street.For historical reasons, his former residence was destroyed by war.In order to provide a place where Zhang Juzheng was remembered and commemorating Zhang Juzheng, Jingzhou decided to rebuild Zhang Juzheng’s former residence.

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