When the nephew went to college, he suddenly came home and said that his girlfriend was pregnant!what to do?

When a friend’s nephew, when he was in college in Zhengzhou, he suddenly came to her house with a girl one day, and said, "Aunt, call my parents!" The friend was aggressive. "You don’t have a mobile phone.Can you call yourself? "

The nephew of my friend whispered, "I dare not, a little scared." The friend knew that the nephew might have done what he could not solve at the first hearing.So ask what happened first?


The nephew said to his aunt: His girlfriend is pregnant, it has been more than 3 months!Now that I am in my freshman, I still have 4 years of graduation. I do n’t know what to do now?The university was finally admitted.I don’t want to waste it halfway.

The friend then asked the nephew, what he thought, and the nephew said of course to be responsible, and asked the girl’s thoughts: Girls also said that they like their nephews very much.Understand the thoughts of the two children.My friend called his elder brother.When I just turned on the phone, my friend’s elder brother also danced like a thunder.Let him go to school, and the whole child came out!


While comforting the elder brother on the phone, he talked about his thoughts. Since the two children are in love, this matter cannot be delayed. Otherwise, the child’s belly is big, and he really wants to make a joke.My friend’s elder brother rushed to Zhengzhou overnight.Seeing two children, they also knew their thoughts.Just drive to the girl’s house.Of course, friends followed!


Fortunately, the parents of the girl saw that the boy looked good, and his father also appreciated it. Although he was angry, what would happen after all?I had to agree to them together, and then the two were engaged to get married and got a marriage certificate.Finally, the girls should go through the procedures for one -year rest.

One year later, the child was born, leaving his friend’s brother sister -in -law to take care of, and girls continue their own studies!Although the result is good, I still disagree with things that happened before unmarried.I don’t know what everyone thinks of such things?

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