When these 3 signals appear in the body, the probability is that it is ovulation. If you want your baby, you must hurry up.

It is not easy to want a baby. Some people obviously calculate the life of the husband and wife during ovulation, but still did not get any response.

Both their physical examinations are qualified, and the family has no infertility. How can it be so difficult to think of a baby?

This problem is easy to solve. If the two have checked their bodies that they can be pregnant, they must consider the problem of ovulation.

Little Lemon has been married for more than half a year. It is a late marriage between a few of our good friends. Fortunately, the object of marriage is her most favorite person.After marriage, the two have always considered wanting children, but they have never received a response from the baby.

Recently, the two went to the hospital to check their bodies again, mainly to confirm whether they could get pregnant normally. After the results of the examination came out, the doctor told them that everything was normal and could conceive. Just go home and calculate the ovulation time.

The two were naturally happy to hear this good news, but Little Lemon was a little worried. How should this ovulation period be calculated?Before the ovulation period said in the software, the effect was not very good.

The precise budget of the ovulation period is very important for pregnancy. Under normal circumstances, women will only excrete one egg every month. Once you miss it, you will have to wait next month.After all, the eggs of the eggs in the fallopian tube are only one day.

It is not accurate to calculate the ovulation period through the date. The specific situation of the human body is changeable. The specific situation still needs to be analyzed in detail. In addition to the calculation date, the body will also give you a lot of signals.

Through these signals, you can basically judge the ovulation time of women. The husband and wife can seize this opportunity to ask for a baby more accurately. These three main signals, you must read it and seize the time as soon as possible.

1) Basic body temperature rise

Under normal circumstances, the body temperature of the human body will be around 36.5 ° C. Women will have higher physical temperature during menstruation. The ovulation time after menstruation can reach 36.7-37 ° C. This weak change is generally not easy to detect.

During the pregnancy, women can often measure their body temperature, and record and observe, and find that there are signs of elevation and elevation. Most of them are the ovulation period, and you can try to live a husband and wife.

2) Black secretions become more

We usually call leucorrhea that women excluded by women, and they usually come about a week after menstruation, and women’s ovulation periods will increase with leucorrhea.

After menstruation, if you find that your leucorrhea starts to increase, and there will be a brushed, which means that you can live with your lover with your lover, and the signal issued by the leucorrhea is still accurate. Don’t miss it if you want your baby.

3) Little stomach pain

Some women always have some blood on the ovulation period and underwear. This is because the eggs want to discharge smoothly, and they must break through the filter hindered in front of it. Some bleeding phenomena are also normal. Don’t worry too much.

At the same time, women who are ovulation will feel slightly painful in the lower abdomen, and they will not feel obvious about the painful feeling.Some women will feel a little pain in the chest. Generally, these small strangeness will disappear within a day.

During the pregnancy, in addition to paying attention to a lot of small details, the most important thing is the emotional changes of women. The couple should not put too much pressure on themselves. A relaxed mood is conducive to the body eliminating high -quality eggs.

This is particularly important. Don’t take fertility as a task. At the time, the baby is mature. The baby will naturally choose you and come to you firmly. Don’t force yourself not to force your baby.

【Pregnancy of the island】

There will be many unexpected surprises in life, and there will be many unacceptable tests. Regardless of whether life gives us good or bad, as long as you accept it frankly, you have to believe that all your efforts will be rewarded, but sooner or later.

When you really look forward to a small life and make up your own decision to take care of her, she will naturally come to you.

【Topic today】

Do you have any secrets of ovulation period?

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