When will pregnant women eat "walnuts"?Choose in this "month", maybe the baby will be "smart"

Walnuts are a very common nut in our daily life. We also know that it has a lot of benefits to the human body.It is rich in other nutrients such as protein fat and some trace elements that also contain a lot of benefits to the human body.And regular consumption of walnuts can still promote people’s brains to a certain extent.For pregnant women, they may choose to eat some walnuts during pregnancy. In this case, they can supplement the nutrition of the fetus to a certain extent and make their intellectual development more complete.So when is it better to eat walnuts after pregnancy?Maybe you can choose this month, let’s take a look with the editor below!

When will pregnant women eat "walnuts"?Choose in this "month", maybe the baby will be "smart"

1. The third month of pregnancy

In fact, this time is a critical period for fetal development.We all know that after the formation of fertilized eggs, it will take about a week to make it smoothly.After bed, we must first create a good environment for their own development, and then start the development of all parts of the body and brain.When the second month to the third month of pregnancy, this is a critical period for embryonic development.If you can lay a good foundation at this time, it will be very good for his growth.For example, eating a little walnut at this time can supplement a lot of nutrients, so that when brain development, it can play a very important role.

2. The fifth month of pregnancy

At this time, the fetus’s body was basically developed, and the brain had a initial structure.At this time, the brain has 10 billion to 20 billion neurons. At this time, it is also a critical period that can supplement nutrition. Walnuts play a vital role in the development of the fetal brain’s nervous system.At this time, the fetal development is relatively fast, and the ability to absorb nutrients is relatively strong. If you can eat a little walnut at this time, it can also make the brain develop better.

Therefore, pregnant women may wish to eat walnuts appropriately in these two times of pregnancy!At the same time, when eating walnuts, pay attention not to eat too much every day. Generally, six can be said.And be sure to choose a person’s body metabolic speed. For example, it is between two meals. In this case, it can ensure that the nutritional absorption is fully absorbed and the fetus can develop better.

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