Where are the free marriage checks?How to do it?Learn the full process of super detailed marriage check in one minute

The marriage check is a health barrier provided by the "exclusive customization" of the newcomer’s "exclusive customization" of genetic diseases, infectious diseases, and mental illnesses.

Many people think that the work unit will conduct a medical examination every year, so it feels that the marriage inspection is more in one fell swoop.In fact, marriage examinations are not the same as ordinary medical examinations. The marriage examination is under the test of genetic diseases, sexually transmitting diseases, and organic diseases of both men and women.

What’s more, the marriage examination also includes pre -marital hygiene guidance and health consultation. If the wedding examination is abnormal, the doctor will propose Zhongyan medical advice to escort the happy marriage life and the next generation.

So what items will be checked before marriage and what to do?The answers are all below.

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What items are checked in the marriage inspection?

Free project:

1. Ask the medical history

The main thing is to ask the newcomer’s physical condition and the history of the past, such as whether there are infectious diseases, heart diseases, psychiatric diseases, and so on.At the same time, you should also ask the family medical history of both sides to understand if there are family genetic diseases, and confirm whether the newcomer has blood relationships, etc., and preliminary judging whether the two can be married as a husband and wife.

2. General body examination

It mainly includes some basic conventional inspections.Such as height, weight, blood pressure, cardiopulmonary hearing, etc., evaluate your health.

3. Inspection of reproductive system

Usually check the development of the internal and external genitals and whether there is congenital malformations, etc., and preliminary judgments have the problems of fertility.

4. Laboratory inspection

It mainly includes blood routine and urine routine tests, liver function testing, hepatitis B virus testing, etc. In special cases, semen examination and HIV should be performed.

5. Legal infection

Including AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B, etc., investigate through blood drawing or coating.

6. Congenital genetic disease

Generally, chromosome is detected, such as albinism, epilepsy, mental illness and other diseases. If you have such diseases, it may be inherited to the next generation.

Paid project:

Free marriage checks are not free of charge, and a small number of inspection items also require everyone to check at their own expense, but the cost is not high. Generally, there will be several types of payment items:

1. Lung function-generally take X-ray chest tablets.

2. Heart function-Generally, an electrocardiogram can be screened. Congenital heart disease can be used as a cardiac ultrasound.

3. Blood glucose-test blood test whether there is diabetes.

4. Blood pressure-test blood test whether blood pressure is too high or too low.

5. Internal organs-whether to check the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, and kidney is abnormal.

6. Blood-whether to check liver function and kidney function is normal.

If you want to do more newcomers who check the project, remember to bring social security cards ~

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When will the free marriage check?How to make an appointment?

As long as both men and women or one household registration are in this city, and both men and women who are registered in the city will enjoy a free marriage inspection. Newcomers need to receive a free wedding inspection application form at the community work service station, and then go to the designated hospital with the inspection form to enjoy the marriage inspection.Serve.

Note: Free marriage checks are generally required to be carried out within three months before marriage or one month after marriage registration.

Free marriage inspection needs to be conducted at the designated hospitals of the Civil Affairs Bureau. It is usually a local maternal and child health hospital, people’s hospital or health care service center. You can consult the local civil affairs bureau or community before making an appointment.

There are also some regions to set up a marriage checkpoint at the marriage registration department, and newcomers can directly conduct a marriage inspection in the Civil Affairs Bureau.

However, it is recommended that you do it 1-3 months before the certificate. If you find some potential diseases, you can also treat early and recover early without affecting the marriage period.

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What documents do you need to bring for free marriage inspections?

1. Original and photocopy of valid identity documents such as household registration books, ID cards, etc.

2. The front and back of the two parties are copied to a A4 paper, and the two parties of the household register are copied to a piece of A4 paper.

3.3 photos of 1 -inch color certificate

4. Military people need to provide the original and photocopy of the officer’s certificate and the unmarried introduction letter of the unit.

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About marriage check process

1. Carry materials to designated agencies for marriage inspection

2. Register, fill in personal information

3. Wait for the marriage check room

4. Do the laboratory inspections

5. Back to the marriage examination department for medical examination

6. On the same day/the next afternoon marriage health class

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What are the precautions for marriage inspection?

1. Women should avoid the physiological period, and generally go to a marriage examination after 3 days of menstruation. This can avoid excessive red blood cells in the urine and affect the results of the examination.

2. Be sure to check on an empty stomach. Do not drink water to eat in the morning.

3. It is best to eat a light diet and take more attention to the week before the marriage inspection. Do not do strenuous exercise the night before.

4. Try not to do the same room a few days before the marriage check, so as not to affect the test results.

5. If the woman is pregnant, remember to inform the doctor, the doctor will adjust some inspection items for you.

-The write at the end –

Since the cancellation of the mandatory marriage check -up system in my country, newcomers can voluntarily choose whether to do a pre -marriage inspection.Some newcomers will worry about whether some problems will affect the relationship between the two during the inspection.

But in fact, the development of medical technology so far, many diseases will not hinder the normal interaction, marriage, and childbirth of the two.True love is to face together, responsible for each other, and good for yourself.I wish everyone a healthy marriage and work together to enter a happy marriage!

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