Whether or not in the same room during pregnancy, do babies in my belly know?Don’t ignore these two "sequelae"

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The harmonious husband and wife life will increase the relationship between the two people. In the life of the couple during pregnancy, for the health of the baby, the couple need to become extra careful.

Some do not even have such behavior, but many people are curious. Do babies know the same room during pregnancy?Baby affect it?

October is relatively long. Many prospective dads and mothers will choose babies between sexual life and baby’s health. In fact, although the pregnancy is special during pregnancy, it can be in the same room within a certain period of time.

It is not possible in the early pregnancy. At this stage, the pregnant woman and the fetus are very sensitive. The resistance of pregnant women is weak.

Coupled with the stimulus and contraction of the uterus, it will affect the development of the baby and even cause abortion. You must not have the same room in the early pregnancy.

In the middle of pregnancy, the organs of the fetus are mature. During this period, they can be in the same room, but it should not be too intense, and the posture is comfortable and light.

In addition, in the third trimester, try to avoid the same room. In this period, if the pregnant woman is unwell, it is easy to cause premature birth. Premature birth is very fragile for the fetal constitution. It is not allowed to send it to the insulation box.

Therefore, the two people understand and respect each other, and their emotional life can be more harmonious.

The same room during pregnancy can be felt for the baby. When the pregnant mother is in the same room, the heartbeat will accelerate.The baby will follow the mother’s heartbeat and feel excited, and some will also kick the mother’s belly, but these are normal fetal movements.

For the baby, the mother’s belly is his home. During the same room, the mother will be stimulated, and the uterus has regular peristalsis. The outer layer of the uterus has a layer of amniotic fluid protection.

The amniotic fluid will cause fluctuations according to the frequency of the mother, which will make the baby feel a dreamy feeling. The premise is that the actions of Bao Da should not be too intense. On the contrary, the baby is uncomfortable and the pregnant mother is uncomfortable.

1) For later delivery

In fact, the same room during pregnancy can be grasped, and the pelvis and cervix of pregnant women can be exercised, and the birth canal is well expanded.Generally, pregnant women who want to give birth are still a bit helpful.

2) For fetal development

During the pregnancy, the same room refers to the safety period. The various indicators of the fetal development examination are perfect. The normal room, attention and scale, will not only cause harm to the fetus, but also be beneficial to the development of the fetus.

To a certain extent, the mother’s emotions are relieved. After the blood of the entire body flows up, the fetus will become happy with the shaking of the mother’s uterus.

1) Unhealthy affects children’s health

In the same room during pregnancy, you must do a good job of details. You cannot pay attention to hygiene because of the rise of the moment. This will bring the bacteria into the body. Women are prone to YD inflammation. It is not good for the fetus. After the child is bornEssence

2) It is difficult to master children if they are not good at

If you have a bad degree in the same room during pregnancy, it is easy to cause premature birth, allow your baby to be born in advance, baby’s malnutrition, slow development, etc.This is a very serious sequelae.

※ Friendly reminder: Not all pregnant mothers are suitable for the same room in the middle of pregnancy, such as some placenta unstable, or bleeding in the early pregnancy. Those who have changed gynecological diseases before pregnancy are not suitable for the same room during pregnancy.

In order to be born smoothly, I believe that 10 months can persist.

For women during pregnancy, it is not easy to be difficult and hardship. The prospective dad also needs to be more attentive to soothe the emotions of pregnant women and maintain a relaxed and optimistic attitude, which is conducive to the better of the fetus.

If the pregnant mother does not want to be in the same room, do not force it, give the pregnant mother enough understanding and respect.

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