Whether there is money or money, Sanfu Tian is recommended to eat "2 beans and 3 melons".

The hot and spicy Sanfu Tian, the hot wind and waves on the face of the waves followed by waves, no need to move, and the back was soaked.

In summer, because of high temperature weather, it is easy to heatstroke if you are not careful. At this time, you need to eat some appetizing foods. Today we talk about 2 beans and 3 melons, which are especially suitable for summer in summer.

To say that beans, there are too many types of beans, each of which is different. In summer, it is more suitable for eating two kinds of beans, red beans and mung beans. Let ’s talk about the practice of red beans and mung beans first!

Beans one, mung beans

[Recommended method: mung bean soup]

The required ingredients: mung beans, rock sugar, water.

Recipe method:

1. Mung beans need to be cleaned with water, put it in a fresh -keeping bag, add water, and put in the refrigerator to refrigerate.

2. After the mung beans are frozen, pour water in the pot, put the mung bean ice in the water, and cook the rock sugar.

3. While the pot is heated, the mung beans also slowly bloom, and it can be out of the pot until the degree of rottenness that you like.

In summer, mung beans are very good summer heat, a bowl of simple mung bean soup, refreshing and not sweet.

Bean 2, Chixiaodou

【Red Bean Barley Rice Water】

The required ingredients: red beans, barley, water.

Recipe method:

1. Rinse the barley in advance with water, drain the water, pour it in the pot and fry.

2. Symnoma for five minutes and then pour in red beans and stir -fry until the red beans are black.

3. Put the fried barley and red beans in the pot, and boil water for about half an hour. If you have friends with electric stew cookers at home, you can also use an electric stew pot to cook!

Red beans have the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying and moisture. It is still good to drink more red bean barley water in the summer, especially girls who love beauty, you can drink more in summer.

Friends who cook often know that dried beans are not easy to cook, and like me frozen the beans before cooking, it is easier to cook beans and say it. Let’s talk about 3 melons.

Melon, loofah

[Recommended method: loofah fried bean rice]

The required ingredients: loofah, edamame rice, green peppers, garlic, salt, oil.

Recipe method:

1. Plim the edamame rice first, simmer the water, and then get into the ice water to cool down.

2. Show the skin of loofah, clean it, cut it into a roller.

3. Pour oil in the pan, stir -fry the minced garlic and green peppercut, pour the loofah and the grilled edamame rice in the pot and stir -fry, season with salt, and wait for the loofah to fry.

Both loofah and edamame rice are vegetables this season, which are very suitable for summer. It is simple and delicious.

Melon 2, cucumber

[Recommended method: stir -fry cucumber]

Ingredients: Cucumber, garlic, ham sausage, salt, oil.

Recipe method:

1. Cut the cucumber into a diamond -shaped tablet.The ham sausage is also cut into diamond -shaped films.

2. Pour oil in the pot, add minced garlic and stir -fry, pour the cucumber into the pot and stir fry.

3. Add salt to season after 10 seconds, pour the cut ham sausage into the pot together, and stir fry for 10 seconds to get out of the pot.

Stir -fried cucumber with a few slices of ham sausage, it looks more refreshing and the taste will be more delicious. This dish is simple to make, and it is not greasy to eat.

Melon three, winter melon

[Recommended method: Winter melon]

Ingredients: pork, winter melon, sea rice, fungus, salt, raw soy sauce, sesame oil.

Recipe method:

1. Peel the pork, clean it and cut it into small pieces, and twisted with a cooking machine into meat.Put the meat into a bowl, season with salt, raw soy sauce, and sesame oil. Put a little bit of chopped sea rice and fungus, and stir well.

2. The winter melon is cut off the skin, cut into a section, continuously connects the blade with a knife, a little meat filling in the middle, and put it in the plate.

3. Put the plate in the pot and steam it. Steam until the melon becomes soft and soft.

Winter melon is delicious and fragrant, and it will not be greasy at all, and it is good to eat more winter melon in summer!

The above is the method of 2 beans and 3 melons I shared for everyone. It is very suitable for eating in Sanfu Tian. It is not oily or greasy. Friends who like it quickly like, collect, and forward it to their favorite people!

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