Which damage or artificial abortion is small, don’t make a mistake, don’t make mistakes.

Because people do not take contraceptive measures very well during sexual life, it is easy to cause accidental pregnancy, but because they are not prepared for children, they generally choose artificial abortion.So do you know what artificial abortion surgery is prepared?Let ’s take this question to see the correct answer to the question with this question.

First of all, declare that no matter what kind of abortion, it is artificially terminated with normal pregnancy, thereby disturbing the endocrine balance of the human body, causing endocrine disorders, and severe amenorrhea.

Medica abortion is usually performed within 49 days of menopause, but the drug abortion is likely to cause excessive bleeding. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a drug flow in a regular hospital to ensure the safety of women’s life.The painless abortion time is within 35-55 days. At this time, the uterus is not too large. Generally, the surgery does not need to expand the cervix, which has a small impact on the body.

In comparison between the two abortion methods, the drug flow does not require surgery, so there is no possibility of infection in surgery, and there are fewer chances of infection after surgery.However, after the abortion of the drug, the occurrence of time is relatively long, and the long -term vaginal bleeding provides favorable conditions for the growth of bacteria, and the inner mouth of the cervix after the drug flow is also relaxed, which can easily cause bacterial infections and cause pelvic inflammatory disease.The main thing is that the failure rate of medicine flow is relatively high. After the failure, the clear palace surgery must be performed to further harm the body.

Before the abortion surgery, a formal color Doppler ultrasound is needed to prove that it is pregnancy in the palace. It needs to be checked for cervical secretions. It proves that there is no vaginal inflammation. The screening of infectious diseases is required.In the acute period of the infection period, you can perform surgery of pregnancy. Before the flow of people, you need to bring enough cash. The cost of abortion in general hospitals is about 1,000 yuan.Bring a bottle of warm water.If you choose painless abortion because you are afraid of pain, you need to try not to eat as much as possible about 6 hours before the operation. After the flow of people, you should pay attention to rest, keep warm, avoid staying up late, avoid drinking more warm water, eat foods that are easy to digest, one of them, oneDuring the month, sexual life and pots are prohibited. After two weeks, go to the hospital for a review. At any time, there will be a large amount of bleeding from abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding at any time.

Some routine tests and pregnancy experiments should be performed before abortion. At present, it is best to do color Doppler ultrasound examination, general examination of hematuria, vaginal discharge examination, conventional leucorrhea, exclude vaginitis, cervicitis, appendicitis and other common reproductive reproductionInfectious diseases.If there is acute vaginitis or other reproductive infectious diseases, you should treat the infection first, control the infection condition before surgical examination. In addition, hepatitis B surface antigen, AIDS, syphilis, and hepatitis C need to be checked.If you are afraid of pain, you can consider painless flow of people.

Precautions after painless abortion surgery: 1. Diet must be paid well. You can eat more red dates, wolfberry, and chicken soup, including pork liver for qi and nourishing blood.energy.2. It is not allowed to be in the same room, bathing, and swimming for 1 month, so as not to cause upper infections to cause endometritis inflammation and pelvic inflammation.3. Washing the vulva every day to avoid early blood flowing, pollution of the vulva, and cause vaginal inflammation.4. Be sure to pay attention to rest, especially within 20 days before the previous 20 days, it is not recommended to do any heavy physical labor work, but it does not mean that it is necessary to stay in bed. You can take appropriate walks, because appropriate activities can increase your own resistance to your own resistance.Force, you can also discharge the residual blood accumulation in the uterine cavity.

During the flow of people, the cervix and endometrium will be damaged, so that the autoimmune of the uterus decreases.The cervix itself has been infected with HPV virus, and HPV virus is related to cervical cancer, so it is important to take good care of the uterus.First, let the uterus return to normal, you can do moxibustion treatment, and you can also use some massage techniques.Only by recovering the uterus can we completely excrete the blood stasis in the body, so as to fully return to a healthy state.

The painless abortion is relatively safe. Under the current medical technology, not only will the patients feel pain, but the entire surgery will be performed under visible situation.Women who are pregnant accidentally have a flow of people, and it is best to have painless abortion surgery.

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